Project Ideas

Good morning,

This is an extra post with a few project ideas that you could do with your children as well as the home learning tasks that they are completing daily. These projects are for you to complete over an extended period. Children should be encouraged to review and improve their work as often as possible.


Here are some project ideas for you to complete:

  1. Plan a Holiday ProjectBecome a holiday planner and BUDGET PLANNER


  1. Choose one of your favourite books and rewrite the ending. Maybe you didn’t like the ending and have a better idea? Maybe you want to add something and make it even better? The choice is yours!

Remember: always review and edit your work and try to make improvements to make it even better.


  1. Complete the different tasks throughout the week about your local area and familyLocal Area Project


  1. Write a letter or design a card for the tremendous staff of the NHS to show your appreciation. You can drop your finished letters/cards off at the school or post them to the school and we will make sure they get to our two local hospitals.


Remember, these projects should be carefully done and not rushed. Spend as much time as you can and have fun doing them!


Miss Daglish and Mrs Banton