Premier League Writing Stars Competition 2020

Good Morning everyone,
Last week I entered some poems linked to Ambition which is one of the key Premier League Values from children in Yr 5 and 6 into the writing stars competition hosted by the Watford CSE Trust.
Below is an email I was sent yesterday:
Good Afternoon All,
I appreciate this is a difficult time for schools and families, and with everything going on, we understand if you didn’t all manage to fit in the writing stars competition. However, a big thank you from everyone at Watford CSE Trust, to pupils and schools who sent in their poems, we were truly wowed by the quality of the written work as we received some brilliant entries.
After careful consideration and long discussions; we can proudly say that the winners of the Watford FC Premier League Writing Stars competition 2020 are…
KS1 Winner – ‘My Dream’ by Charlie H Year 2 from St Mary’s Primary
KS2 Winner -‘Give it a try’ by Leo K Year 6 from Parkside Community Primary
A massive congratulations to Charlie and Leo for two brilliant poems, we hope they continue writing and inspiring others.
We as a a community are very proud of Leo as the winner of the Ks2 competition of the Watford FC Writing Stars competition. To be the winner now means that Leo’s poem will be sent of to the Premier League and we may earn a player visit or a trophy visit to Parkside. Leo will also be presented with an individual award once we are all reunited again.
Give it a try by Leo Knowles 6 Oak
Let it crawl through your chest like fire,
Let it fill your body and make you aspire,
Let it take you East, South, West or North,
Let it help you put your dreams forth.
Find your powers and gain control,
On your steps to achieve a goal, 
If any obstacles interrupt,
Just stay calm.
If anything does inspire,
Don’t be afraid to admire.
Give it a try.
Mr Wanless