PE Ideas and Links

Good Afternoon Everyone,

I thought we needed something to split up the day so what better way than to keep physically and mentally active.

Below are some links to keep you busy over the next few days.

There are lots of Just Dance clips to keep busy, Ayrabella and myself did the one below for 30 minutes. The second clip is an example of Joe the body coach who is starting live PE sessions next week, Monday to Friday at 9am on his YouTube page. Finally the bottom clip is taken from Cosmic Kids which is a Yoga channel on YouTube. Cosmic Kids has a variety yoga activities for all different ages which link to films and stories, below is my favourite… We’re going on a Bear Hunt.

The Premier League football association not only have activities for English and Maths but also ideas for Physical activities and for health and Wellbeing with the focus being on Resilience. The site is definitely worth a visit, if you need any help please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Mr Wanless