Opening of the New School Library

On a rather cold and damp Thursday afternoon the new school library was officially opened by the Deputy Mayor Councillor Alan Plancey and Mr Marc Boucherat. They were joined by the school council, governors, Mr Winston Nzinga a wonderful storyteller who worked with children through the day in readiness for the opening, a small group of parents and carers and members of staff. Despite the wind and the rain the children were reminded of the power of imagination and the enjoyment they can derive from reading. The deputy mayor even challenged them to turn their television and games consoles off! Mr Boucherat who helped to fund the project as part of  his late wife’s legacy also said a few words. He spoke about how proud she would have been to have seen such an amazing resource come to life for the children of Parkside. It was a wonderful occasion for the school community something we should all feel very proud of. Mairead,we thank you for your wonderful gift to our children. Your memory will live on forever.