Moki – Fitness bands.

Good Morning everyone,

It has been wonderful to see how engaged the children have been with their Moki bands, below is a link which shows where we rank as a school and how active we were over the past month or so since having the bands..

First Moki Report:

We have 168 Players using Moki including some staff to track physical activity levels.

Over the past 30 active days each Player has done an average of 5,823 steps and been engaged in 25 minutes of moderate to vigorous physical activity. The UK Government advice on the other hand focuses specifically on Moderate to Vigorous intensity Physical Activity (MVPA). This is any physical activity that involves moving around more rapidly – and it will raise your heart rate and make you breathe faster (e.g., brisk walking or running). This type of activity is particularly important for cardiorespiratory fitness. The Government guidelines recommend that children should get 30 minutes of daily MVPA in school and 30 minutes outside school.

For more information on how the health grades are calculated, you can take a look here:

Therefore based on latest results, we have earned them a Moki Grade C and are placed in the top 48% of the most active Moki schools.

Finally, I would like to congratulate 5 Ash, who are the first winners of the Moki trophy as they averaged 6430 steps since receiving the band and Rayyan in Year 4, who has on his own averaged over 9000 steps.

I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and all the best for 2021.

Mr Wanless