Mission Statement – Letter to Parents / Carers


4th March 2019



Dear Parents and Carers,


We have completed the work on creating our new school mission statement. It will be central to the future development of the school and build on the excellent work of the past sixty years.


One of the core purposes of education is to nurture and develop a love of learning and to create within each child an understanding and appreciation of these beliefs. Many of the findings from the recent questionnaire expressed the importance of these two key factors  which have been reflected in the new vision.


Parents are given the responsibility as their child’s first educators to foster and nurture within them a well-rounded personal social education. As a school, our role is to support this understanding through the creation and delivery of a broad curriculum. By creating opportunities which engage and challenge children, their potential begins to be realised.


Once these fundamental principles become deep rooted they learn to flourish. They are ready to use their talents, demonstrate resilience and maturity, and discover the world from a new perspective.


As a school we a committed to providing an education in which children feel confident about their work and enjoy belonging to a community which encourages independence and respect. The vision for the future of our school clearly shows that the children are at the heart of everything that we do at Parkside. We are ensuring that the community that was built on respect and achievement continues to be shaped through enjoyment, growth and belief.


It has been a long and rewarding journey which created a rich stream of ideas and comment. Thank you to everyone who completed a questionnaire and contributed to the process.


Yours faithfully,

C D Soyka






At Parkside Community Primary School, we are committed to providing our children with a school where they feel happy, confident, safe, proud of their achievements and develop a lifelong love of learning. They will be part of a school community which nurtures them and cares for their needs.


We want our children to be independent, inquisitive and equipped with the tools they will need to take their place in an ever-changing world.


Professional, approachable and caring staff will always be ready to listen and support them. All children will be encouraged to excel to the best of their ability helped by high-quality teaching.


Our school will is a place where parents, carers and members of the local community will always be welcomed and listened to.


At Parkside Community Primary School, we pursue excellence, celebrate success and respect everyone.