‘Mathematicians of the Week’

Since starting this year, I have tried to maintain a high focus on our numeracy learning as we prepare for SATs. Each week on Friday I present our Maths trophy to a deserved member of Oak who then in turn  gets to keep it in their place for the following week.

During the last half term: Ryan, Charlie, Callum, Lina and Amy have all received the award. Reasons have varied, Ryan gained the award for his determination when we focused on multiplying and dividing integers by 10,100 and 1000. Charlie received the award for his commitment and effort which he puts in during every session, even when he finds some areas extremely challenging. Callum was a ‘Mathematician of the Week’ for how hard he has worked on his reasoning skills, demonstrating a deeper understanding of some of the areas we have looked at. Lina was another award winner due to her confidence when solving worded problems and Amy received this award because of not only her presentation and the care she puts into her work but the fact she will always go back and correct mistakes as well as answer some of the more challenging next step questions.

To all those winners, I congratulate you and I look forward to presenting the trophy to some new winners once we return from our week off.

Mr Wanless