Managing worries and anxiety

Hello All,

As this is a time where worries and anxiety could spike, here are some ideas to help you manage any negative feelings.


Cosmic Kids Yoga have fantastic videos themed around your favourite topics (Pokemon, Harry Potter and Minecraft etc).

Find an open space, open a window to get some fresh air, take your socks off and focus on your breathing.

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If you have a sibling, you could try to research and complete some partner yoga poses.



Breathing might seem like a boring subject but it is a useful thing to master if you are feeling anxiety in your chest.

Go Noodle have some lovely breathing activities to make breathing exercises interesting. I like Bee Breathing personally.  Signing up to the website is free however if you can’t get online then try these:

-Dragon breathing      Take a deep breath in, hold for 3 seconds then breathe out and imagine you are breathing fire like a dragon.

-Balloon breathing     Put both of your hands in fists lightly in front of your mouth like a straw, breathe in and hold for 3 seconds. Breathe out through your hands and imagine you are blowing up a balloon. When you have finished breathing out, let go of the balloon.

-Fish breathing    Take a deep breath in and hold for 3 seconds then breathe out but push out the breath in little bubbles as if you are saying the sound p.


Addressing your worries:

Most of the time worries go away on their own, however, if you are hanging onto worries for a long amount of time try this activity to help overcome them.

1) Write down each worry on a new line using a sheet of paper

2) Cut each worry into a strip

3) Order your worries from your biggest worry to your smallest worry.

4) Once you have them ordered, go from the smallest worry to the biggest worry and write on the back of the piece of paper a way to try and solve the worry. You might want to ask an adult to help you if you are stuck.


Worry- I won’t be able to see my friends

Solution- I can write to my friends on my class blog on Purple Mash or Skype them with an adult.


Worry- I don’t know how long I am going to be off school

Solution- Keep in touch with your teacher and section up your day so you find comfort in parts to help each day seem manageable


Managing anxiety symptoms:

When we feel anxious, our body can feel a little strange. Sometimes our chest might feel tight, we feel restless and can’t sit still or we have a feeling of butterflies in our stomach.

Here are some little tricks to redirect your thinking from anxious thoughts:

a) Sticky fingers: press each finger to your thumb, try to do both hands at the same time.

b) Spider arms: run your fingers like a spider up and down your arm or leg.

c) Dual: Pat your head with one hand and rub your stomach with the other at the same time. This might take some practise.

d) Temple run:  Rub your temples with one finger, then two fingers, then three fingers etc. When you get to four fingers, run your hand along your jaw to your chin and back up. Repeat.


I hope you find something on this page helpful.

Stay Safe

Miss Ayrton

Year 3 Teacher