Home Learning Year 2 30.04.2020

Good Morning Year 2,


Read the beginning of the story about Charlie the Chick and then finish writing the rest of the story.  Remember to use your best handwriting, conjunctions, expanded noun phrases, punctuation and good vocabulary.

Charlie the Chick


This weeks words:

cold silliest funnier happiest tidier hotter gladdest slimmer wettest could

Keep practicing these words.



White Rose have designed a series of 5 lessons for home learning this week.


Watch the video  for day 1 and if you can, print out the worksheet and answer the questions.  I have also assigned an activity  on  Education City to support this.

If you cannot go online keep working on your maths pack.



Log in to Purple Mash and read chapter 2 of Anna and the Leaf and complete the 2dos that are assigned.

Read books from home or try some of the e-book on here https://collins.co.uk/pages/big-cat-ebooks


Have a look at the painting by Klee, 3 houses

You will need to colour or paint your own 2d shapes but using tints and shades. Lighter to darker of one colour.  Cut out the shapes and put them together to make a picture similar Klee’s.  You do not have to do this in one day.

Don’t forget to log onto the Purple Mash Blog to say hi to us or your friends.  We can also answer any questions you may have.

Mrs Kapoor and Mrs Weinstein