Home Learning Year 2 27.03.2020

Good Morning Year 2,


English Task: Sentence work

Look at the examples below and write each five questions, exclamation, command and statement sentences neatly in your books in joined-up handwriting.

Statements Statements are sentences which tell you something. They end with a full stop. Example: We must not go out of the house unless it is very important.

Questions Questions are sentences that ask you something. They usually end with a question mark. Example: Should you really annoy your brother by hiding his toys?

CommandsCommands are sentences that tell you to do something. They are often urgent or angry and can be very short.  Example: Wash your hands properly.

Exclamations – Exclamations are sentences that begin with ‘what’ or ‘how’. They are full sentences, include a verb and end with an exclamation mark.   Example: What a mess we have made!



Log into Purple Mash and do the spelling quiz or get an adult to test you.

This weeks words:

clothes, nicest, braver, hardest, larger, tidier, happiest, funnier, silliest, cold



White Rose have designed a series of 5 lessons for home learning this week.


Watch the video  for day 5 and if you can, print out the worksheet and answer the questions.  I have also assigned an activity  on  Mathletics to support this.

If you cannot go online keep working on your maths pack.



Today we have a different type of activity for you.  Go to the website and listen to the story then draw a picture about what you liked best and write a few sentences about it.  https://www.storynory.com/herodotus-the-animals-of-ancient-egypt/



Today we would like you to think about rhythms.  You can make a repeated pattern and decide on symbols to represent them.  For example 1 line is a clap 2 lines is 2 claps a circle is a stomp and an X is a snap.  You could use some household objects too.  It might look like this:

I   II   X  I   O O   X X  III


If you do not have your log in details, Mrs Weinstein has them for everyone and can email them to your parents.

Have lovely weekend!  Leave us a message on the Purple Mash Blog.

Mrs Kapoor and Mrs Weinstein