Home Learning Year 2 24.04.2020

Good Morning Year 2!


Click to read the task about adverbs and adjectives. Adjectives and Adverbs


It’s Friday and that means a spelling test.  Log onto Purple Mash and do the test or have an adult at home test you.

This weeks words:  hotter gladdest slimmer wettest could money trolley monkey honey door



White Rose have designed a series of 5 lessons for home learning this week.


It’s problem solving on Friday try out challenges 1, 2 and 3.  You can also make some of your own questions up  like challenge 1.

If you cannot go online keep working on your maths pack.



This week we have been learning about Northern Europe.  Here is a traditional story from the area to listen to.  https://www.storynory.com/thors-fishing-trip/  Can you draw some pictures to go with the story?


Friday Fun Challenge

Every Friday the whole school will be set the same challenge.  Today’s challenge is to create a Birthday Card for Captain Tom Moore.

Over the last couple of weeks Captain Tom Moore has been in the news quite a lot for the fundraising he is doing for the NHS. As of today, he has raised a staggering, £28,057,850.

A little bit about his goal: Captain Tom Moore’s aim was to walk a hundred lengths of the back garden (which is 25m in length) before he turns 100 years old at the end of the month.

On Thursday 16th April, Captain Tom Moore completed his final 10 laps out of his 100. This was captured on platforms including the BBC and ITV and can be seen across various worldwide news outlets.

What now? Tom is going to continue to walk, raise money for our NHS heroes, and spread some cheer around the world whilst doing so, a true inspiration to our country.

Capt. Tom Moore is also currently at No 1 in the iTunes store, his collaboration with Michael Ball and The NHS Voices of Care Choir on the song You’ll Never Walk Alone topped The Official Big Top 40 chart on Sunday, again this single aims to raise money for NHS charities.

Below is a link taken from an article from the Daily Mail, it talks about all the cards which are being sent to Captain Tom before his birthday on the 30th April. On the same page there is a short clip of when he completed his final lap.



Our task: What we would like to do is invite everyone to create a Birthday card/poster for Tom, you can send it to your class teacher or to (liam.wanless@parkside.herts.sch.uk) and we will tweet as many as we can to Captain Tom as a small token of our appreciation for what he is doing to help our NHS fight Covid-19.

Purple Mash have also set up a display board whereby children from around the world can send in a message and or a card to wish this national treasure a happy 100th and thank him for inspiring us all to make a difference and that even in the darkest of times, there is always hope. Just create a birthday card on 2paint and then save it. Next, share the birthday card and choose to share it to the display board created for Captain Tom.

For all those finding it difficult: the sun will shine on you again and the clouds will go away”  (Captain Tom Moore)

Mrs Kapoor and Mrs Weinstein