Home Learning Year 2 23.03.2020

Good Morning Year 2,

Parents  please look at the timetable to give you some guidance for structuring a day.

Year 2 Home Learning Timetable


Think back to our story about Supertato.  Design a wanted poster for the Evil Pea!  How will you describe him?  Use expanded noun phrases (adjective, adjective noun).  You can do this on paper or in Purple Mash in 2CreateaStory.


White Rose have designed a series of 5 lessons for home learning this week.


Watch the video and if you can, print out the worksheet and answer the questions.  I have also assigned a 2do quiz about this on Purple Mash.

If you cannot go online keep working on your maths pack.


Read chapter 1 of Anna and the Leaf on Purple Mash.  If you cannot go online, read your reading book or another book from home.  I am also including a link for more free e-books that follow the book band colours. https://collins.co.uk/pages/big-cat-ebooks


We should have been starting our Art unit this week.  Find out about the primary and secondary colours.  If you have paint at home make a colour wheel, you can use colouring pencils or crayons too.


Mrs Weinstein and Mrs Kapoor

Parents if you need any support you can email:  melanie.weinstein@parkside.herts.sch.uk or riju.kapoor@parkside.herts.sch.uk