Home Learning Year 2 06.05.2020

Good Morning Year 2!


Today’s task is about prediction.   There is a 2do for this as well.  Wednesday-Prediction and inferences


This week’s words lateness weakness goodness softness even treasure nostril pencil evil measure



This week we are taking a break from White Rose and using some Herts for Learning maths. There is also a 2do about making change on Purple Mash.


Complete the 2dos on Purple Mash for Ned and the Detectives Chapter 4.

Read books from home or try some of the e-book on here https://collins.co.uk/pages/big-cat-ebooks



This week are looking at Living Things and their Habitats.  Have a look at the power point and there is a table you can work on and then save an email it back. There is also a 2do on Purple Mash if you cannot use the power point.  Lesson 3

Mrs Kapoor and Mrs Weinstein