Home Learning Year 2 02.06.2020

Good Morning Year 2!



Yesterday we set you the task of gathering your ideas and adjectives for writing your acrostic poem.  Today we want you to write out that poem either on paper on use the 2do on Purple Mash.


This week’s words rattle kettle handle triangle rectangle every whole weight knew everybody



We are still using White Rose click this link to watch the video Week 5 Day 2   The worksheet is here or you can do the 2do on Purple Mash. Lesson-2-Use-arrays-2019


Complete the 2dos on Purple Mash for Magic in the Moonlight Chapter 5.

Read books from home or try some of the e-book on here https://collins.co.uk/pages/big-cat-ebooks


Jungle Theme

The whole school is going to do a Jungle theme for the next few weeks.  Our task for today is to make a monkey from your handprint.  Don’t worry if you don’t have paint, you can trace around your hand and colour it in.  T-T-25645-Handprint-Monkey-Craft-Instructions



Mrs Kapoor and Mrs Weinstein