Year 1 Home Learning Timetable 15.06.2020

Good morning Year 1,

I hope that you have all had a lovely weekend and have enjoyed the better weather!

Here is our timetable for the week –

Home Learning Timetable 15.06.2020


Our Spelling Practise activity is on Purple Mash so please log in and practise your spellings for the week.

List 32

red   door   right   see   these   began   boy   animals   never   next


White Rose Maths

Our links to the videos are on the timetable and the practise sheets are here –

Lesson 1 Count in 2s 2019

Lesson 2 Count in 5s 2019

Lesson 3 Count in 10s 2020

Lesson 4 Add equal groups 2020


Have a great week and please send an email to let us know how you are all getting on!