Home Learning 26.11.2020

Good Morning Year 2,

English:  Look at this sentence ‘He swam to the bottom of the deepest ocean and splished and splashed with shoals of tiny, shiny fish.’

Write your own sentences about what Augustus might do on his journey using the conjunction and.  Also include verbs in the past tense.  There is 2do in Purple Mash or you can do this on paper.

Maths: watch this video about bonds to 100  https://vimeo.com/463016488  there is a worksheet to complete here THURS 26TH or you can do it on Purple Mash there is a 2do.

Reading: there is a 2do in Purple Mash for Chapter 4 of Ned and the Detective

Christmas Play: practice your lines from the play and if you do not have your script please email the class teacher and we will email them to you. Everyone has a part! This is also a good time to start working on your costumes.

Home project:  continue to find out about Tigers, create a jungle habitat and poster.

If you need help with Chromebooks, Purple Mash or the work please email Mrs Weinstein