Home Learning 25.01.2021

Good Morning Year 2   this week Mrs Banton is teaching in class and Mrs Weinstein will be marking the work please email her any work or questions.

Spellings:  beautiful  stepping  hopping  putting  nodding  because  baking  shining  sliding  making

Here are some ideas to help you learn your spellings Ways to learn spellings

English:  Click here to watch the video   Task: Answer the questions in Purple Mash 2do

Maths: Click here to watch the video    Task: Answer the questions in Purple Mash 2do

Design and Technology:  we are going to make a shoebox house this week.  We want you to think about what you want your house to look like when you finish. How will the kitchen look?  What will your bedroom have in it?   There is a planning sheet here for you to draw your plans. Design sheet – Shoe box house     There is no 2do for this as it needs to be drawn by hand even if you cannot print out the sheet you can do this on blank paper.  Please email us the plans.

Reading: Chapter 5 Sky Scraping Sunflowers

Don’t forget to log into http://www.getepic.com or download the app  This is our class code tdj3056

The children at school love reading on there.  Don’t forget we can see who logs in and how much they read.

Mrs Banton

Mrs Weinstein  melanie.weinstein@parkside.herts.sch.uk