Home Learning 24.11.2020

Good Morning Year 2,


Look at the sentences in the story ‘Augustus the tiger was sad. He had lost his smile.’ We can use a conjunction to join these. ‘Augustus the tiger was sad because he had lost his smile.’  ‘Augustus the tiger was sad when he had lost his smile.

Write your own sentences about times when you have been happy and sad include the conjunctions because and when.

Take a picture and email this to your class teacher or complete in Purple Mash there is a 2do.

Maths: watch the video https://vimeo.com/461736938 complete the worksheet TUESDAY 24

or complete it online in Purple Mash as a 2do.

Reading: there is a 2do in Purple Mash to be completed or if you have home learning pack you can complete a reading comprehension paper.

DT:  we were meant to complete our lesson  on making bread.  If you would like to make bread at home you may do so.  Choose the type of bread you wanted to make this could be a plain white roll, brown bread, flat bread.  To be done with a grown up.

Christmas Play:  practice your lines from the play and if you do not have them at home email your class teacher.

Home Project:  learn more about Tigers, create a jungle habitat and a poster.

Send us pictures of anything not completed online.