Home Learning 23.11.2020

Good Morning Year 2

English:  Read the story Augustus and his Smile.  Practice reading it aloud working on becoming a fluent reader.  The story is on Purple Mash as 2do.

Maths: watch this video https://vimeo.com/462380184

The worksheet is here but it also on Purple Mash as 2do  MON 23rd Knowing Number bonds

Reading:  there is a 2do set on Serial Mash for Chapter 1 of Ned and the Detectives

These next two weeks we were planning on rehearsing for our Christmas Play in the afternoons.  You should have your lines at home already but if you do not please email the class teacher and we will email them to you.  Practice these at home as we will now only have a short window to practice together and film the play.  We will email you this week about costumes.

Our only other learning we needed to complete was making bread for our DT lessons.  The children have already begun these so if you would like to complete this you may make bread at home and send us pictures.

As a separate project in the afternoons you can find out information about Tigers and create a jungle habitat and poster.

If you do not have your log in for Purple Mash or Education City please let the class teacher know and it will be emailed to you.

If you need to contact the teachers  or need any support you may email us at