Home Learning 22.01.2021

Good Morning Year 2

RE:  Watch the power point of Anthony Browne’s Piggy Book Piggybook by Anthony Browne

Why was Mrs. Piggott doing all the work?  Why was the family set up the way it was?  Was it ok/fair that Mrs. Piggott did all the work?  Was the relationship between Mr. Piggott and Mrs. Piggott fair?   Was it equal?   Why or why not?   What does a fair family look like? Should people only do the work that they are best at?

TASK: write in an apology letter in role as the boys.  What are they sorry for and what will they help with now? There is a 2do in Purple Mash or you can use a blank piece of paper.

Maths: Have a look at this task picture.

There is also a game to try. Friday Maths game

Reading: Chapter 4 Skyscraping Sunflowers

Screen Free Family Friday:  We are spending a lot of time every Friday we are going to set an activity that is screen free and it will try to allow families to do something together. Today we would like you to gather blankets and other materials and things to make a den!  Make sure a grown up says it is okay first. Inside you can make shadow puppets with a torch, read a book or draw a picture.  Send us pictures.