Home Learning 21.01.2021

Good Morning Year 2

English: watch the video https://classroom.thenational.academy/lessons/to-use-the-past-tense-ed-6xhp6d?step=1&activity=video

Task: write a diary entry about one of your days this week or last week so you can use –ed words. There is a 2do set on Purple Mash or you can use the worksheet English Magic Paintbrush Thursday

Maths: There are some mastery worksheets here today that have guidance for adults to help the children answer the questions. Thursday Maths Mastery

ZOOM MEETING 1:30 Show and Tell!  Parents re-use the same link/password details.

Geography:  There is an end of unit quiz on Purple Mash.  Please do this without any help.

Reading: Chapter 3 Skyscraping Sunflowers

Remember to log into www.getepic.com and read!