Home Learning 20.01.2021

Good Morning Year 2

Reminder:  Next week we start a DT unit and you will need an empty shoebox, other boxes to cut up for card and some junk modelling materials like empty butter containers, yogurt pots etc.

Also the school has a special pack for all of you with scissors, paint, colouring pencils, paper, glue etc just ask a grown up to come to the school gates and collect one!

English: https://classroom.thenational.academy/lessons/to-explore-the-main-moods-in-the-story-61k3ac?step=1&activity=video

Task: Children to write own questions to ask Ma Liang and to work with a grown up if possible to role-play providing answers for the questions there is a 2do on Purple Mash or use the worksheet here week 3 Magic paintbrush Wednesday questions

Maths:  This is a power point with problem solving questions based on the learning so far.  You can use interactively or on paper. Wednesday Maths

PE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DqAOMrZkht0&list=PLoOc9M0VgduMnQiJ56Gw5TX7wsGIF7kmv&index=4 Andy’s Wild Work out

PSHE: What is going well so far for you?  Leave us a message to celebrate something positive on the Purple Mash Message Board for Year 2.

Reading: Chapter 2 Skyscraping Sunflowers

Don’t forget to log in to www.getepic.com using our class code tdj3056  The teachers can see who is reading and some of you have already read a few books!  Our class book The Magic Paintbrush is on there.  You can also download the getepic app.