Home Learning 11.01.2021

Good Morning Year 2.

We hope you had a good weekend. This week Mrs Banton will be teaching in school.  Mrs Weinstein will be marking work for those of you learning from home.  Please email her if you need any support.

Spellings: Here are the words for the week bath money people busy half shy reply terrify cry July Please see this document that explains different ways to help your child learn their spellings Useful spelling strategies for parents  There will be a test on Friday on Purple Mash.

English: Watch the whole video Journey video

At the end of the story, the girl meets a boy. Write questions that you would ask the boy if you were the girl. Remember to use a question mark at the end of each sentence. There is a 2do on Purple Mash or you can use the worksheet Week 2 Monday

Maths: Watch the video up to 6m23s Monday Maths Video There is a 2do set on Purple Mash or you can use the worksheet here Monday 11th January

Geography: Have you ever seen any mountains nearby?  Do they think there are mountains in the UK?  Where could they be?  What type of water are we surrounded by?

Watch video UK Geography   Activity: Take the blank map and add the physical features.  Mountains Ben Nevis, Loch Lomond, Giants Causeway, River Thames, Lakes.  There is a 2do set on Purple Mash or you can use this blank map Monday map

Reading: Chapeter 5 Poppa Joe’s Red Racer