Home Learning 08.02.2021

Good Morning Year 2

Remember to log into Google Classroom instead of here. On Tuesdays and and Fridays the Google Meet Link will go active for 2 Alder at 10:30-10:45 and 2 Willow at 10:45-11:00am.  This is just to help you with your work if you need it.  Click the link in the banner of the Google Classroom to join.

Remember to watch the phonics video.

Spellings: behind adjust barge bridge gentle both I’m she’ll we’re they’re

English: click here  watch the video. Task: Draw a story map explanation. You will need blank paper and upload this to us on Purple Mash saved into your folder.

Maths: click here to watch the video.  Task:  There is a 2do on Purple Mash

Reading: Chapter 5 Bramble the Bold on Purple Mash

Science: Think back to Year 1 and learning about Materials in Science. What can you recall about properties of materials? A grown up can help to collect up objects made of different materials and decide on which is the odd one out. EG 4 wooden objects and 1 metal. 4 plastic and 1 rubber 4 fabric and 1 stone. L1 odd one out