Home Learning 05.01.2021

Good Morning Year 2

We will be learning online for the next two weeks.  It is important that you complete your work everyday.  Check here  every day for the learning.  Try to do the work on Purple Mash that way your teacher can see it immediately and give you feedback.  There will be a zoom meeting this week the details will be sent by email.  It is expected that all of you will attend.

English:  Look at the cover picture of the book we are going to look at and make a prediction about what might happen. English Tuesday Journey Predictions

Maths:  Tuesday Maths Video   Statistics  Activity: sort the Venn diagrams and Carroll diagrams A 2do is on Purple Mash Tuesday Sort 2d shapes Tuesday sort numbers

Geography:  Watch the power point about the United Kingdom.  Activity: label the map with the Countries of the UK, capital cities, flags and emblems.  A 2do is on Purple Mash. Geography Lesson 1 Power point video Lesson 1 map worksheet

Reading:  There is a 2do on Purple Mash Chapter 1 of Poppa Joe’s Red Racer

This week Mrs Weinstein is teaching at school.  Please email your work or any questions to Mrs Banton