Headteacher’s Newsletter – Friday 7th May – Summer 4

We reached the half way point for the half term on Wednesday but it only seemed like last week that we returned to school after the Easter break, such is the passing of time. Mrs Taylor and myself have continued to be impressed by the overall quality of the teaching and learning we have observed this week. Some examples can be seen below, please spend some time looking through them, especially Daniella’s skirt! We are pleased to announce the school is now on AMAZON! Please read below for further details. Please remember to bring your child to school on time. Whilst the number of children arriving to school after the registers closed fell quite sharply this week, there were still a number of you who came late to school. Please make sure that you are organised, up in time and ready to bring your child to school everyday. With two weeks to go until the farm arrives at school teachers are busy planning activities for the children. It promises to be a spectacular event. Please keep supporting the school in all that we do.



PARKING – I received a complaint from a local neighbour last week regarding parking. Members of the school community park have parked on grass verges on the corner of Aycliffe and Allerton Roads which has upset one of our neighbours. We work incredibly hard with the local community to keep relations positive and communications open. Please be mindful of where you park and have consideration for our neighbours.



The word of the week is – PHILODOX – one who is entirely in love with their own opinion.






FOOD WASTE – This week the average food waste was 63 .140kgs or  383 grammes per child. Whilst this was significantly less waste than last week we were only at school 4 days this week.



AMAZON – Register here to get free money for the school from Amazon!

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This skirt was made from an old shirt by Daniella in Year 6 – they are worthy of a place on the Great British Sewing Bee!! Thank you Daniella for sharing your wonderful skills with us.



ATTENDANCE AND PUNCTUALITY – There were 19 pupils who came to late school on 28 occasions this week. Thank you to everyone who makes sure that  they are on time for school everyday.

Rec Pine –  95.1%
Rec Fir –  96.4%

1 Lime – 93.0%
1 Maple – 98.4%

2 Alder – 96.1%
2 Willow – 91.1%

3 Birch – 95.2%
4 Aspen – 94.2%

5 Ash – 90.0%
5 Cedar – 98.3%

6 Cherry – 94.0%
6 Oak – 89.3%




PARKSIDE FLYERS –  Congratulations to: Eunice, Ellie, Lorita, Lyla, Cole, Aayat, Desara, Sorin, Summer, Logan, Owyn and Darius who were this week’s flyers. Thank you children for displaying such a positive attitude and being such wonderful role models.




TUNES FOR THE WEEKEND – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o-jgp0YFY_Y