Headteacher’s Newsletter – Friday 7th December 2018

After a miserable week of wet weather and high winds there was a little chink of light and cheer on Wednesday and Thursday when the children from Key Stage 1 performed their Christmas play – Sugar Plum. They sang with gusto and delivered their lines with clarity and a sense of fun. The Christmas season is really upon us. Thank you to everyone who helped to make the event a great success. There are only two weeks left in the term but there is still so much to be done; the Friends of Parkside will hold a Christmas Cake sale on Thursday next week and Christmas Jumper day will take place the week after. All money raised from the events will be spent on improving facilities and outcomes for the children. Please continue to support these very important events. A letter will be sent home with your child today regarding the importance of attendance and punctuality. Please read it very carefully and take note of its message- attendance and punctuality must improve. Whilst this may seem like a harsh message it is clear that it is an issue that needs addressing continuously. The school works incredibly hard to make sure the children are given a good education. A very important part of their education is continuous attendance and high standards of punctuality because they are important life skills. Children must be in school every day and be on time. Please support the school with this incredibly important aspect of your child’s learning.


The word of the week is TOGETHERNESS – the state of being close to other people. During this festive season let us think about how we can come together as a school community to support one another.


LIBRARY – The interior work to the new library was completed on Monday and books have returned to the shelves! It will be open to the children in the new year.



KEY STAGE 1 CHRISTMAS PERFORMANCE – After a short rehearsal schedule of just over two weeks the children  in Key Stage 1 took to the stage on Wednesday afternoon and Thursday morning to perform their Christmas play – Sugar Plum. After just over 45 minutes Sugar Plum’s wand was fully mended, the elves packed Santa’s sleigh with the right presents and Christmas came once again. The children sang their hearts out and spoke beautifully. Thank you to everyone who helped to make the two shows a great success.


FRIENDS OF PARKSIDE POPCORN NIGHTS – Just over 100 children attended the two popcorn nights and enjoyed watching films of their choice. It was a great opportunity to bring the children together at a special time of year and for them to relax after school with a cup of popcorn and a cup of juice. Nearly £300 was raised which will be spent on resources for the children. Thank you to everyone who attended.


DINNER MONEY – Please ensure that your dinner money account is kept in credit or has  a zero balance. Thank you.


ATTENDANCE and PUNCTUALITY  –  42 times children arrived late to school this week. It is a lower figure than last week but more needs to be done to reduce this figure. Thank you to everyone who sent their child to school on time.


Congratulations to the children from Year 1 Lime Class who had the best attendance this week with 97.6%

2nd Place – Year 3 Elm with 95.9%

3rd Place – Year 4 Rowan with 95%


CHRISTMAS TREE – As you enter the school standing right in front of you will  bean eight foot high tree decorated with donations from children, parents and carers. The children are amazed every time they walk past the tree and spend a long time looking at the lights and all of the decorations. Little things like this can make such a difference and bring the spirit of Christmas alive for everyone.


ESAFETY WORKSHOP  FOR PARENTS – Woodlands School will host an eSafety workshop for parents and carers on Monday 21st Jan 2019, 2.15pm to 3pm. There has been recent incidences locally concerning children’s online activity which has been worrying and has put children at risk and that this has come to the attention of the police. As a a result the local council have funded meetings for parents as a way of supporting and helping them to have greater understanding of this increasingly worrying issue. Please make every effort to attend. 


READING VOLUNTEERS – Do you have a couple of hours to spare a week? Are you interested in helping children to learn how to read? If so please speak to Miss Kontopyrgou in Reception Fir class.


30 HOURS FREE CHILDCARE FOR NURSERY CHILDREN – We are very keen to offer 30 hours of childcare in the Nursery but this can only be done with your support.

In order for the school to be in a position to offer full time Nursery education, we need to know if this is something that parents and carers want. We trust that by offering full time care for your child you would be in a position to accept it. Providing a full time service means we are able to offer the children the best possible start to their education and to support the needs of our families.

Please do consider this offer very seriously if this is something that you want for your child and return the slip to the letter that was sent out on 16th November


ADMISSIONS –    Starting Reception 2019 – The Herts Online system for Reception applications opens on Monday 5 November and closes on Tuesday 15 January. Further information about the school’s admissions can be found by clicking on the following link – https://parkside.herts.sch.uk/admissions/


AFTER SCHOOL CLUB – Please make sure that your reply slips are returned to school no later than FRIDAY 14th DECEMBER. There are just a few places remaining so please speak to the Office to avoid any disappointment.


PARENT GOVERNOR – There is a vacancy on the Governing Body for a Parent Governors. If you are interested in the position please  speak with Mr Soyka for further details.




Week Beginning

10th December

11.12.2018- Full Governing Body Meeting


10.12.18- Nursery performance


12.12.18- Reception dress rehearsal to school


13.12.18 – Reception Performance to parents


13.12.18 – Friends Christmas Cake Sale








10am and 2pm


3.15pm in hall

Week Beginning

17th December

Children’s Christmas Parties


18.12.2018- Year 3 and 4 carol concert to parents evening performance


19.12.18 –Christmas Dinner Day /  Save the Children Christmas Jumper Day £1 donation


School closes



2.00pm + 5.30pm










TUNE OF THE WEEKEND – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CWrodPMhpdw