Headteacher’s Newsletter – Friday 6th January 2022 – Spring 1

A happy new year to you all and on behalf of all of the staff we would like to send you our sincere thanks and gratitude for the generosity you showed at the end of term. We enjoyed the gifts enormously. The children returned to school yesterday and have settled back in to their routines. Next week we welcome the children and staff from the Windsor Pre School to Parkside as they take up residency in the Nursery. Our own Nursery children have transitioned in to the classroom next door to Reception Pine and will become their own Early Years unit. We hope our new relationship with the Little Angels will be fruitful for many years to come. Please remember to send you child to school on time everyday. I cannot stress the importance of being punctual and on time for school everyday. Please get up that little earlier and organise your child’s bag every night before leaving it by the front door. Little things like this help to make everyone’s morning run more smoothly and relieves the difficulty for everyone. Please continue to support the school with this important life skill.



The word of the week is  – GRUNTLED – at ease and content.



CHILDMINDING – I have received a number of enquiries from families who are looking for a childminder to take care of children after school. Please send your details to the school office if you are able to offer a service to families and we will be able to put you in touch with them.



UNIFORM – Whilst many of you send your child to school in the correct uniform there are a small number of you who don’t always do this. Please can you make sure that during the cold winter months your child comes to school in trousers, dress, school shoes, shirt / polo shirt and a warm coat and school jumper. ALL ITEMS OF CLOTHING MUST HAVE THEIR NAMES ON. If for any reason you are experiencing any difficulties please do speak with Mrs Mattholie or Mrs Davis in the school office. We will do everything we can to help you with this important school matter. Thank you for your continued support.



WD6 FOOD SUPPORT – The WD6 Food support is open on WEDNESDAY & FRIDAYS from 3:15pm – 4:30pm. Parkside families can have access from 3:15pm directly after school.