Headteacher’s Newsletter – Friday 3rd November 2023 – Autumn 8

The second half of the Michaelmas term is always one of fun and enjoyment because we know that Christmas is almost upon us. Plans have already been put in to place and we are all looking forward to a wonderful Nativity production and a good old sing song around the Christmas tree. Watch this space. We welcomed the county’s Special Needs Adviser to school on Tuesday who was very encouraged by the level of provision we give to the children. There are a few things we need to do to improve our offer to the children we serve and we will make sure this is done very quickly. Please remember the annual poppy appeal and where you can please give as generously as you can. The colder weather is upon us once gain so please remember to send your child in to school in full uniform – make sure that every item of clothing is CLEARLY LABELLED. We often find the use of a Sharpie pen on the inside of your child’s school jumper is a good way of labelling their clothing. It was good to see so many of at this week’s consultations and we hope that you learned a great deal about the way your child has settled in to their classes and how they are learning. Please keep supporting the school in all that we do.



The word of the week is – CIRCUMQUAQUE –  a roundabout process that never seems to get to the point.



THE BIG QUESTIONWhat can you see in the clouds?
Try discussing this question with your child to help them think about developing their thinking skills.






WD6 FOODBANK – The WD6 Food support is open on WEDNESDAY & FRIDAYS from 3:15pm – 4:30pm. Parkside families can have access from 3:15pm directly after school.



ANNUAL POPPY APPEAL SECOND WEEK  – The Royal British Legion annual Poppy Appeal will take place when the children return after half term and will run until NOVEMBER 14th. As always there are a number of items that will be on sale in the school office and are priced as follows:
ZIP PULLS – £0.50
POPPIES – Whatever you can afford to give



PARENTS AND CARERS CODE OF CONDUCT – Earlier in the week I sent out to every family a Code of Conduct which reminds you all of the expectations from each and every one of you when you are on the school site. Many of you are very supportive of the school and behave in a way that is in line with our expectations. But on occasion we have had to speak to families about their conduct which has caused the school difficulty and challenge. It is our hope that this document will support both the school  and the parent and carer body to ensure smooth working relationships for the good of your child.



ATTENDANCE AND FOOD WASTE – Congratulations to the children from 1 MAPLE & 2 WILLOW   who had the best attendance this week. Thank you children and please continue to be an inspiration to others.


Well done to the children from 3 BIRCH and 5 ASH who had the least amount of food waste this week. Thank you children for making good choices and enjoying your food.

Reception Pine 90.8 1.6
1 Maple 99.1 2.1
2 Willow 99.6 2.2
3 Birch 98.2 1.0
3 Elm 98.8 1.1
4 Aspen 93.8 2.3
5 Ash 95.8 1.0
5 Cedar 96.8 2.35
6 Cherry 97.4 2.8
Total 96.6 16.450 kgs = 24.2 grammes per child



PARKSIDE FLYERS AND HOT CHOCOLATE WINNERS – Congratulations to Nikita, Milania, Darcey-Rose, Saffya, David, Habibulla, Alfie, Blossom and Alexus who were awarded their wings this week for being true acolytes of the school’s vision and mission. Thank you children for being such a great example for others to follow.



Mrs Smith shared a cup of hot chocolate this afternoon morning with Emma, Sofia, Elisha, Reyansh, Aayat, Jack, Annabelle and Harshil. Thank you children for being an inspiration for others and I look forward to you continuing to uphold our school values through the rest of the year.