Headteacher’s Newsletter Friday 3rd July 2020 – Summer 10

It has been a very busy week which culminated in the government issuing new guidance yesterday about how schools should prepare to reopen for all pupils in September. I will write to you all later in the term with a detailed plan that sets out systems and routines we will have to introduce once the new academic year starts again. The school’s improvement partner spent time with subject leaders yesterday afternoon to help them review the way we currently deliver teaching across the curriculum. Plans are in place to ensure that when children return in September they will be fully supported with their learning in all subjects. Whilst I understand that you may have certain worries and concerns about your child’s return to school, we are working very hard to make sure we have everything in place for September. Please continue to support the school during this very difficult and challenging time.


The word of the week – CRAMBO-CLINK – also known as crambo-jink, this is a word for poor quality poetry—or, figuratively, a long-winded and ultimately pointless conversation. (Scots)





WEEDING THE FLOWER BEDS  – Under the guidance of Mr Wanless and Mrs Salter Year 6 managed to clear the weeds in the beds at the back of the Key Stage 2 playground earlier this week. They hope to plant some lavender to attract some bees and pumpkin seeds  in preparation for this year’s Halloween. Thank you children for working hard,  you were all stars.


PE STARS – When school reopens in September there will be a major focus on promoting children’s mental well-being . One way teachers will do this is for them to select a child who has shown great aptitude or ability in their weekly PE lesson. They will be presented a with a special certificate which will have a citation written on it which captures how well the child has performed. The certificate will sit alongside other awards that are presented at our weekly assembly. We are working incredibly hard as a staff to promote the children’s well – being and to reward them for meeting the standards we expect at our school.


TUNES FOR THE WEEKEND – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gfYnXGV8PfM