Headteacher’s Newsletter – Friday 30th September 2022 – Autumn 3

The big ship sails on the ally ally oh on the last day of September so says the children song and I can hardly believe tomorrow is the start of October! There has been a real sense of calm and purpose around the school ever since term began and the children have really started to enjoy their work. Our school improvement partner paid us a visit today and she inspected the way children learn how to read. She was incredibly impressed with the way reading is taught across the school. She also felt that the children receive a very good standard of education too. This was a very pleasing report to receive at such an early stage of the academic year which bodes well for the rest of the academic year. Please make every effort to attend next week’s Annual General Meeting of the Friends of Parkside. Nick and Nadia who did such a wonderful job over the past few years have now left the school and we desperately need new volunteers to take over from them. Please see below for further details.



The word of the week is – BETHINK –  to take thought and reflect; to return to oneself for a moment.



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MOBILE PHONES – Ever since I have been headteacher of the school I introduced a rule that parents and carers were not to use their mobile phones on the school grounds. We want families to be reunited at the end of the day with a smile and warm welcome. So if you are challenged by a member of staff to finish your call before entering the grounds please do so with grace and try not to be offended. We are asking you to think of your child. Our motto is SMILES NOT MOBILES. Thank you.



PARENTS AND FRIENDS ASSOCIATION – Over the past four years the Parents and Friends Association have raised over £10,000 for the school through a number of different events, namely summer fayres, firework displays, talent show nights, film nights and discos. Now that Nick and Nadia have left the school we are in need of some new people to take over from them. Are you interested in helping to raise funds for the school? Do you have a special talent or excellent organisation skills? If so please make every effort to attend the Annual General Meeting for the PFA of Parkside on THURSDAY 6th OCTOBER IN OUR SPARE YEAR 1 CLASSROOM 3:30pm -4:15pm. We want to hear your ideas and help to raise even more funds for the children. 



THIS WEEK’S EXAMPLES OF THE CHILDREN’S WORK – Our new corridor displays look amazing and we hope that you enjoy them as much as we do. Thank you children for producing such excellent work and thank you to the staff for making them look so brilliant.


Congratulations to Reyansh for completing the Taylor Trek in memory of the former Watford and England football manager.



PARENT/CARER TEACHER CONSULTATIONS – These very important meetings take place on Wednesday 19th and Thursday 20th October for Years Nursery to Year 5 and on Wednesday 12th and Thursday 13th October for Year 6 ONLY. Appointments can be made through the ARBOR app. All appointments will be held in the school hall for the first time in two years so please make every effort to attend. I cannot stress highly enough the importance of knowing how your child learns. The culture for learning we have at the school is one of nurture and inspiration so please come along and learn more about the way we do things at our school.



PREGNANT WOMEN WANTED! – Calling Third Trimester mums-to-be!!! I am looking for a third trimester mum-to-be (ideally due Oct/ Nov 2022) in the NW London area who would be willing to participate in an infant observation which forms part of my Child Psychotherapy Masters.
It would involve one-hour weekly visits to observe your baby at home over a two-year period. There is also lots of flexibility. All details of the observations will be kept strictly confidential.
I know it sounds like a bit commitment but studies show that mothers (and families) who participate find this experience  very rich and rewarding; providing one hour a week when they allow themselves to bond with their baby, without judgement and without distraction.
I am DBS checked and training with the Institute for Arts in Therapy & Education (www.artspsychotherapy.org). If you are interested or know anyone who might be interested, please do get in touch and I can give you more information.



ATTENDANCE AND PUNCTUALITY – There were 18 children from 14 families who were late to school on 31 occasions this week. We really must make a good start to the term this year and set excellent standards, so please make every effort to be on time for school.

Reception Pine 92.7% 2.0kgs 2.350 kgs – N
1 Maple  97.6% 1.5kgs 2.05 kgs – N
2 Alder 96.4%


1.5kgs 1.0kgs – Y
2 Willow 96.7%


1.5kgs 0.950gs – Y
3 Birch 95.2% 1.0kgs  0.750gs – Y
4 Rowan 88.3%


1.0kgs 0.90gs  – Y
4 Aspen 100%


1.0kgs 0.40gs – Y
5 Cedar 95.5%


2.0kgs 1.6kgs – Y
6 Cherry 97.1% 1.5kgs 0.450gs – Y
 Weekly Totals   95.5%  13.0 kgs  10.450kgs – Y
14.5 grammes per child



PARKSIDE FLYERS AND HOT CHOCOLATE WINNERS – Congratulations to Adriana, Denis, Ellie, Elliott, Valentin, Karen, Wesley, Georgey and Melchi who were given their wings this week for soaring high and making great progress. Keep this going children.


Congratulations to Poppy, Jackson, Jack, Delilah, Lincoln, Kenzie, Katerina, Frankie and Layth joined Mr Soyka for a cup of hot chocolate on Friday to celebrate their efforts which were recognised by their teachers. Thank you children for upholding the standards we expect at our school.