Headteacher’s Newsletter – Friday 30th November 2018

After nearly a week of relentless wet weather the return of blue skies has been a welcome relief. The children have coped with the howling winds and the driving rain incredibly well and they continue to be a joy. Final preparations are in place for next week’s Key Stage 1 Christmas performance which the children will perform on Wednesday and Thursday next week. We look forward to welcoming you all. The development of the new library continues next week. Parents and staff have spent a great deal of time sorting through the old books and gathering new ones to be put on the shelves in the new library over the past term. We have employed a company to fit out the new library and work begins on Monday. Once the shelving units and soft furnishing are in place the wall art will be the last thing to be done. Once all of the building work is complete we will officially open the library for the children to use and develop their love of reading. Please continue to support the school in every way possible.


The word of the week is – FORGIVENESS –  a deliberate decision to release feelings of resentment or vengeance toward a person or group who has harmed you. How often do we forgive those who have harmed us?


ADMISSIONS –    Starting Reception 2019 – The Herts Online system for Reception applications opens on Monday 5 November and closes on Tuesday 15 January. Further information about the school’s admissions can be found by clicking on the following link –  https://parkside.herts.sch.uk/admissions/



ART CLUB – It was lovely to see examples of the children’s work on display in the hall this week. They are really enjoying developing their skills and experimenting with different forms. Thank you children.



TWITTER + INSTAGRAM – Please remember to sign up to Twitter and Instagram to catch up with all of the latest news and developments at Parkside at the following handles:

TWITTER – @headparkside

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VIKING DAY – Children in Year 5 had a great experience on Tuesday when they took over the hall and dining areas and recreated a period in tome from the early 9th century. They learned about the complex structure of life as a Viking and the way their culture developed over the course of nearly 300 years. Thank you children for being great ambassadors for the school.



FRIENDS ASSOCIATION – Thank you to everyone who bought a ticket to the two popcorn evenings, donated to Dress to Impress day or bought a book from the book fayre. Your contributions have been gratefully received. We have two more events left this term – Christmas Cake sale on Thursday 13th December and Christmas Jumper Day on Wednesday 19th December. Further details about these two events will be sent out next week. Future events and dates can be found below:






Dress to Impress in support of Children in Need



Friday 16th November



Popcorn Night for EYFS +

KS1 Children



Friday 30th November 3:30pm – 5:30pm


Popcorn Night for KS 2



Friday 7th December

3:30pm – 5:30pm



Book Fayre




Tuesday 27th November – Friday 30th November

8:30am -8:55am

3:15pm – 3:40pm


Christmas Cake Sale







Thursday 13th December 2018





Parkside Talent Show



Friday 25th January


Valentine’s Disco



Friday 8th February 6:30pm – 8:30pm KS 2





Friday 15th March


Mother’s Day Assembly



Friday 29th March





KS 2 Disco



Friday 3rd May


Popcorn Night for EYFS +

KS1 Children



Friday 10th May 3:30pm – 5:30pm


Popcorn Night for KS 2



Friday 17th May 3:30pm – 5:30pm



Father’s Day Breakfast



Friday 14th June







EYFS + KS 1Disco




Friday 5th July


– As a school we cannot have nuts in school in any form. So please can we ask that you have no nut products in the lunch boxes or brought into the school as treats.For example

Peanut butter sandwiches

Chocolate spreads

Cereal bars

Some granola bars

Cakes that contain nuts

Biscuits / Cookies that contain nuts

Peanut butter cakes

Some Asian food, including satay

Sauces that contain nuts

This list is not exhaustive, so please check the packaging of products closely.We appreciate that this is an additional thing to check and we know that you recognise the importance of it. We do have to insist we are a nut free school. I know if this was your child you would expect that we all help, especially as it is a life-threatening condition. If you have any questions please speak to a member of staff.


AFTER SCHOOL CLUB – Please make sure that your reply slips are returned to school no later than FRIDAY 14th DECEMBER. There are a limited number of spaces available so please book up to avoid any disappointment.


THE WEEKEND TUNE – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WfxFPH2vEdk


ATTENDANCE AND PUNCTUALITY – Congratulations to the children of  Year 5 Ash who had the best attendance this week with  97.1%

2nd Place – Year 2 Alder 96.7%

3rd Place – Year 4 Rowan – 96%

4th Place – Yea 5 Cedar – 95.*%


PUNCTUALITY – There were 54 occasions where children came late to school this week. Whilst this is an improvement on last week there are still too many children arriving late to school. Please make sure that you make every effort to ensure that your child arrives on time to school.



Week Commencing

3rd December 2018

4.12.18 Coffee morning with Head

5.12.18 – KS1 Dress rehearsal

5.12.18 – KS1 afternoon Performance to parents

7.12.18 KS2 Popcorn night


9am – 10am




3.30pm – 5.30pm

Week Commencing

10th December 2018

11.12.18  Coffee morning with Head

11.12.2018- Full Governing Body Meeting

12.12.18- Nursery performance

12.12.18- Reception dress rehearsal to school

12.12.18 Y2 trip to Reveley Lodge

13.12.18 – Reception  Christmas Performance to parents

13.12.18- Christmas Cake sale

14.12.18 – House reward day


9am – 10am






10am and 2pm


After school

All day