Headteacher’s Newsletter – Friday 29th September – Autumn 4

As September gives ways way to October, the season of mist and mellow fruitfulness is once again upon us. The children have had another very busy week and the number of visitors who work with them continues to grow. BEE Creative cam to school today to work with the children from Years 4 and 6 and we look forward to seeing their final piece in the coming months. Creative Minds worked with the children from Years 1 – 6 on Thursday where they taught them how to deal with their frustrations and challenges through the medium of dance and we look forward to working with them again in the new year. The boys’ football team from Year 3 and 4  had their first outing of the year against Aldenham Prep School on Thursday afternoon and gave a very good account of themselves but narrowly lost 3-2. Watford FC continue to deliver their Positive Minds course to the children in Year 5 and we always look forward to seeing how the children in Year 4 respond to their Joy of Moving programme. As you can see we place a large emphasis as a school on helping your child have a positive mindset which in turn helps them in the class. Please continue to support the school in all that we do for your child.



The word of the week is – RUTHFUL (13th Century) : full of compassion and empathy for others. The original, before ‘ruthless’ came along.



THE BIG QUESTIONShould children be allowed to vote?
Try discussing this question with your child to help them think about developing their thinking skills.






The new school council were introduced to the whole school at Friday morning’s celebration assembly. We look forward to seeing what they will do over the coming months and congratulations to you all.



CHANGE TO THE START OF THE SCHOOL DAY – Week 5 – The government has issued a directive to all schools about 32.5 hours of teaching time every child in the country is entitled to. To meet this new directive we will open the school gates as normal at 8:30am BUT they will CLOSE at 8:45am from MONDAY 30th OCTOBER. Please make sure you make a note of this change. We will continue to put it in all of our newsletters from the start of the new academic year until FRIDAY 20th OCTOBER.



WD6 FOODBANK – Over the coming months the good folk at the WD6 Foodbank will partner up with members of the Clarion Housing board and Citizens Advice Bureau to offer advice and support for those people who use the foodbank. The monthly surgeries will take place here at the school in a designated room at the front of the building. More details to follow.

The WD6 Food support is open on WEDNESDAY & FRIDAYS from 3:15pm – 4:30pm. Parkside families can have access from 3:15pm directly after school.



PARENTS AND FRIENDS OF PARKSIDE – It was great to meet a very small number of parents and carers on Thursday afternoon at the first PFA meeting of the year. We discussed ways forward to ideas to raise money for the school but they really need your help. Some of the events we have put on in the past have included: Firework night, cake sales, discos, summer fayre, film nights and talent shows.
The next meeting of the PFA of Parkside will take place on THURSDAY 12th OCTOBER in the old Year 2 classroom. Please come along and let’s make this year a great year for the children and the community. It doesn’t matter if you have never done anything like this before you are all welcome.



AFTER SCHOOL CLUB –  Having canvassed opinions about the proposition of running an After School Club, we are still looking in to the possibility of running this type of service for families for those who may need access to it. The Office staff are looking for a company to run the club on our behalf and we will update you with further news in the next couple of weeks.



ATTENDANCE AND FOOD WASTE – Congratulations to the children from 3 ELM and
4 ASPEN who had the best attendance this week. Thank you children and please continue to be an inspiration to others. 

Well done to the children from 5 ASH who had the least amount of food waste this week. Thank you children for making good choices and  enjoying your food.



Reception Pine


91.4  2.6
1 Maple





2 Willow





3 Birch





3 Elm





4 Aspen





5 Ash





5 Cedar





6 Oak











Food Waste average


 26.6 grammes per child



Congratulations to Blossom, Loreta, Oliver, Vinnie, Mark, Mihail, Scarlett and Tada who were awarded their wings this week for being true acolytes of the school’s vision and mission. Thank you children for being such a great example for others to follow.

It was lovely to share a cup of hot chocolate with Luke, Aris, Paul, Aisha, Billy-Ray, Selena, Charlotte, Georgey and Kenzie earlier today for being wonderful pupils and displaying such a positive attitude towards their learning. Thank you children and please continue to be amazing.



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