Headteacher’s Newsletter – Friday 24th January 2020 – Spring 3

Life returned to normal once again after last week’s Ofsted inspection. The wheels of education never stop turning and we look to the next event on the calendar. Our improvement partner visits school on Monday 3rd February and will look at how the school deals with and supports families with attendance and punctuality. She will monitor our processes and procedures and speak with staff about what we undertake and do as a school to improve the rates of attendance. It is a very important area for development for the school moving forward. Whilst it has been an historic area of challenge we must address it once again with support from the county.  We look forward to seeing the acts at this year’s Talent Show which takes place on Friday 31st January from 4:30pm. Please make every effort to attend. Tickets are on sale after school from member of the PFA or via the school office. Pizzas and other refreshments will be available.


The word of the week is – PARWHOBBLE – to monopolise a conversation!


GIRLS ‘ FOOTBALL – Our girls’ football team took part in a 32 team competition at the Watford Training ground at London Colney on Friday and were cheered on by Mr Wanless and Mr Honour. They acquitted themselves very well and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Please click for a write up about the event.

TALENT SHOW –  –  This wonderful event takes place on FRIDAY 31st JANUARY between 4:30pm and 7:00pm. Tickets are priced at £3 and can be purchased through the school office or after school on the playground. If this year’s show is as good as last year’s it will be another spectacular event. Refreshments will be provided for all.



PE KITS – Please click to read an important letter that was sent to all parents/carers regarding PE Kits. PE is a very important subject on the school curriculum. All children are expected to participate (unless they are ill) and wear the correct kit. Please ensure that your child brings the correct kit in to school on the day that they do PE. Thank you.


ATTENDANCE AND PUNCTUALITY – There were 40 occasions where children turned up late to school this week. Please make sure you are on time for school it affects your child’s education dramatically if they are late.

Reception Fir – 77.6%
Reception Pine – 87.3%
1 Lime – 95.2%
1 Maple – 94.8%
2 Alder – 98.9%
2 Willow – 91.9%
3 Birch – 99.4%
4 Aspen – 96.6%
4 Rowan – 90.7%
5 Ash – 94.3%
5 Cedar – 90.9%
6 Cherry – 98.0%
6 Oak – 92.4%

Overall  – 93.6%
National Expectation – 96%



PARKSIDE FLYERS + HOT CHOCOLATE WINNERS – Congratulations to Mikaela’Rose, Jaliyah, Selena, Brody, Haiyder, Jaydon, Kayla, Bianca, Yilmaz and Leo who enjoyed a hot chocolate with Mr Soyka on Tuesday.

Our Parkside Flyers this week were – Bobby, Sonny, Miriam, Hunni-Marie, Kermani, Niti,Kelvin, Thei Leona and Reece.


TUNES FOR THE WEEKENDhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lPLhTzq-TpY