Headteacher’s Newsletter – Friday 1st October – Autumn 5

After a relatively quiet week, we welcome the arrival of October and the season of mists and mellow fruitfulness as the very famous poet Keats once wrote about. As the weather begins to turn and becomes more unsettled, please make sure that you send your child in to school in a coat but most importantly – HAS THEIR NAME IN IT.  Thank you. Members of the Parents and Friends Association will be selling tickets for the forthcoming FIREWORK EVENT  from Monday 4th October after school. Further details can be found below. Please keep supporting the school in all that we do.



The word of the week – NIFFLE-NAFFLING – dilly-dallying or generally futzing about as a way of ignoring important stuff.




14 Autumn Poems for Kids to Put You in the Mood for Fall



FIREWORK NIGHT – WEDNESDAY 3RD NOVEMBER 6:30pm – 7:30pm – Two years ago we held out first ever firework night. It was a tremendous success, something we want to build on. Members of the PFA will sell tickets every night after school for the next month and will cost a flat rate of £4. We will also be selling hotdogs, tea and coffee along with fibre optic wands and flashing wand sticks on the night. Please make every effort to attend this fantastic event.




Welcome to Marley our new Reading Dog!



SCHOOL UNIFORM – It has been very encouraging to see so many children taking pride in wearing their school uniform. Uniform is such an important way of bringing the school together it lets the local community know who we are and gives the children a sense of purpose and identity. Children need to wear the correct items of clothing to school including trousers and shoes, pinafores and skirts. If for any reason you need help with uniform please do come and speak to a member of staff or Mrs Mattholie our Pastoral Support and Parental Engagement Officer.



DEVELOPING THE WHOLE CHILD – The purpose of the school’s mission / vision is to create confident young children who have been nurtured and inspired towards a bright future because of the commitment we make to them every day through high quality teaching. Our focus this year will concentrate on developing the children’s ‘softer skills’ –  how to use a knife and fork properly, how to sit at table and the importance of good table manners, learning to manage and regulate behaviour, the importance of oral hygiene, the rules of etiquette, personal hygiene and organisation, self- discipline and respect, talking to adults correctly and knowing how to respond to situations appropriately. Further information can be found by clicking on the link – https://parkside.herts.sch.uk/developing-the-whole-child/



TOASTERS –  The wonderful people of the WD6 Food Support, their trustees and Mr Wenzel himself donated a toaster to every classroom this week and a supply of 100 loaves. The children will have toast, butter jam / marmalade every morning for the next 6 weeks, something I know they will enjoy and certainly need. A huge thank you to the team and their trustees.




WD6 FOOD SUPPORT – The WD6 Food support is open on WEDNESDAY & FRIDAYS from 3:45pm – 5:15pm. Parkside families can have access from 3:15pm directly after school.



PLAYGROUND RESOURCES – One of the many ways we want to improve outcomes for the children is to make their playground experiences as enjoyable as they can be. We have recently finished working with a consultant who has been instrumental in helping us to reinvent the way lunch and playtimes are structured. We are asking therefore for the following donations of good quality to help with the continuous development of the children’s leisure time:

Dolls, especially Barbies
Buggies for dolls
Big Dinosaurs
Art equipment
Big cars and trucks
Dressing up clothes
Large building blocks
Tennis balls
Bean bags
Metal tea set
Hair stylist
Unused colouring, dot to dot or puzzle books

Please can you label the donations for the attention of MRS CONLEY and bring them to the school office.

Thank you.



ATTENDANCE & PUNCTUALITY –  There were 13 children from 11 families who came late to school last week on 18 occasions. Please make every effort to reduce this number next week it is so important.

Rec Pine – 93%

1 Lime – 96.1%
1 Maple – 93.8%

2 Willow – 96%

3 Birch – 94.2%
3 Elm87.0%

4 Aspen – 93.9%
5 Cedar – 96.7%

6 Cherry – 94.0%
6 Oak – 99.0%




HOT CHOCOLATE AND PARKSIDE FLYERS – Congratulations to Rahela, Delilah, Zakaria, Aayat, Cole, Georgey, Rayan and Summer who joined Mr Soyka for a cup of hot chocolate on Friday afternoon in recognition of their hard work and the excellent efforts they had demonstrated through the week.

Well done to this week’s Parkside Flyers –  Ediz, Elliott, Wiktoria, Jonny, Katarina, Naima, Skye and Kayla. Your determination, excellent attitude and hard work have helped you to take flight this week. Keep this going please all year.



FOOD WASTE –  This week we had to throw away 48 kgs of waste which equated to 66.8 grammes per child. We need to look at the amount of waste the children are throwing away very closely but we can’ do it without your help. Please spend some time talking to your child about the choices they make about their dinner.



TUNES FOR THE WEEKEND – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SEJaV2X7XxY