Headteacher’s Newsletter – Friday 19th October 2018

Every week at the moment seems to be very busy and this one has been no different! We have had a visit from the Dogs’ Trust charity, a wonderful assembly from the children in Year 2, our first football match of the season and another parent workshop. The children continue to work hard and their efforts are beginning to bear fruit. Their level of understanding in Mathematics continues to develop and their confidence using concrete apparatus is now common practice across the school. Well done children. Please continue to work hard.

There are still a number of parents / carers who continue to send their child to school in the incorrect uniform. If we are to set the highest standards for the children and the school, it means that we must all pull together to create a community where we all feel valued and respected. Trainers, leggings and dark green jumpers are not school uniform. Please make sure your child comes to school in the correct uniform. Thank you to everyone in the community who contributed to this morning’s harvest assembly, it was very kind of you. The food will be taken to the local food bank next week. With one week to go after a very long half term please continue to show your support for the school in every way possible.


The word of the week is: BELONGING – to be a member of an organisation. Where would you find this important word across the school?


CHRISTMAS CARDS – Every child in the school has designed their own Christmas card this week. They will be sent off to the printers on Monday and orders can be placed once this has been completed. The final date to place orders will be announced later next term. Packs cost £4 for 12 and all proceeds will go towards the newly reformed Friends of Parkside. Do please think carefully about placing an order once you have seen your child’s artwork.


PARKING – A number of parents have come to me to speak about a small number of parents / carers whose parking is causing concern on a regular basis on Aycliffe Road during morning drop off times. It is everyone’s responsibility to ensure that the children remain safe at all times. Those of you who do park sensibly and are considerate drivers, please continue to set the right example and keep our children safe.


MATHS PARENT WORKSHOP – This week it was the turn of our Year 3 parents to enjoy their maths workshop. Their understanding of place value was challenged and developed through a number of different activities using partitioning. (separating numbers in to Thousands Hundreds Tens and Ones) Thank you to everyone who has attended the workshops. They are a vital way of engaging with the parent / carer body to foster a positive way of supporting the children’s learning. We hope that you found them useful. The next set of workshops begin in January and will have a Reading and Writing focus.




DINNER MONEY – Please remember that parents of children in Year 3 to 6 who have a school meal that payment must be made in advance each week. Payments can be made online via the School Gateway app. A school meal costs £2.40 per day / £12.00 per week. Please can you check your child’s account and pay any outstanding money as soon as possible.

Please note that after the half term break should your account be in arrears your child will not be given a meal by Herts Catering Ltd and you will need to provide them with a home packed lunch.

This does not apply for children who are eligible for Free School Meals.


HALLOWEEN FUN – Members of staff will be selling a range of Halloween gifts after school next week. All items cost 50 pence or a pound. All proceeds will be given to the Friends of Parkside. Do come along and enjoy the fun.


DOGS’ TRUST CHARITY – Representatives from the Dogs’ Trust charity made a special visit to school this morning. They brought with them a toy Labrador which they used to teach the children about respect friendship and kindness. The children showed great respect and were excellently behaved during the assembly and in their workshops.


MONDAY MORNING ASSEMBLIES – After half term parents / carers of children who have been awarded a Headteacher’s Certificate will be invited (via text) to join the rest of the school community as Monday morning assembly to see their child presented with their certificate from Mr Soyka.


FOOTBALL MATCH – After two pulsating halves of football which saw both teams hit the woodwork the match ended in a 1 -1 draw. Both teams played with passion and desire and were each unlucky not to nick a winner. It was a great spectacle and the boys were well supported  throughout the match. Thanks to Mr Honour and Miss Bowers for preparing the team and refereeing the game and to the boys for displaying an excellent team effort.



  23.10.19 Education meeting for Govenors


24.10.2018 Non Uniform Day for children in exchange for £1


5th November




Parents’ evening 7.11.18/8.11.18





3.30pm – 5.30pm

3.30pm – 7.00pm




12th November 15.11.18 Year 1 maths workshop


16.11.18 Year 5 assembly





19th November 22. 11.18 Foundation Stage Maths workshop


23.11.2018 Year 4 class assembly






TAKING CHILDREN OUT OF SCHOOL BEFORE THE END OF THE SCHOOL DAY – There are a number of parents / carers who take their child out of school before the end of the school day. In keeping with Safeguarding advice /regulations and ensuring all children remain safe, they will only be released in to the care of their parent/carer on receipt of official paperwork which documents appointments. Thank you for your support with this very important Safeguarding issue.



PARENTS’ EVENING – Bookings for Teacher / Parent-Carer Consultations will now be made on line. Please look out for a text next week which will contain your unique link to book your appointment. Just to remind you that Wednesday 7th November times run from 3.30pm to 5.50pm and Thursday 8th November, times run from 3.30pm to 6.50pm. Every effort must be made to attend these very important meetings.


WEEKEND TUNE – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wTi19MPOvDw