Headteacher’s Newsletter – Friday 18th January 2019

Visits from a GB gymnast, auditions for the talent shows, workshops on combating racism, pupil progress review meetings, an inspirational singing assembly from a parent,  visits from the Educational Director and English adviser and making final arrangements for the opening of the new library have made it a very busy week here at Parkside. There is much to celebrate and look forward too. The children continue to work hard and left a real impression on the Educational Director. The first of the talent shows takes place next Friday and auditions are going well. The range of talent on show will be quite impressive. Tickets are on sale at the school office for £3 for both shows so please buy one in support of the children and the school. It promises to be a great couple of evenings. The cold weather is upon us and it is important that the children come to school dressed appropriately. Hats coats scarves and gloves should be clearly labelled; there is a lot of lost property in the Key Stage 2 building at the moment, if you have lost any items of school uniform they may possibly be in the two black containers at the bottom of the stairs. Please continue to support the school in all that it does for the children.

The word of the week is APRICITY – This term comes from the Latin meaning “to bask in the sun.” Whilst the winter may be upon us and the cold is all around there is always a moment to enjoy the winter sun!


ASSEMBLIES – We have been treated to three excellent assemblies this week; one from a GB Gymnast, another from a parent whose singing was an inspiration and the final assembly tackled the issue or racism.

Lauren Mitchell a rhythmic gymnast who competes for Team GB came to school on Monday morning and gave an amazing performance of her athletic and gymnastic ability. She walked on her hands between a group of children and dazzled the children with her fitness during their workout. Gymnastics is a great way of helping children to keep healthy and fit please click on the link below for further information regarding local clubs:




Mrs Lee one of parents came to school on Wednesday and gave an amazing singing performance for the children and staff at assembly. She will be running a choir for the children through the Spring term which we hope they will enjoy. We look forward to seeing them perform.

Wow Dayz Education came to school on Friday morning to speak to the children about the very important issue of racism. The children wore something RED in support of the day and learnt about how racism is never acceptable in any form. It was a powerful message one we can all learn something from.


ADMISSIONS – The admissions process is now open for children in Nursery for the academic 2019 -20. Please click on the link for further information – https://parkside.herts.sch.uk/admissions/

Please make sure that you read the information carefully.


FRIENDS OF PARKSIDE TALENT SHOW – On Friday 25th January the Friends of Parkside will host a talent show for the children in The Nursery, Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 from 5pm through to 8pm. All children who audition will have a chance to perform in the show. Lists will go out on Tuesday 22nd January.

The Talent Show for children in Key Stage 2 will take place on Friday 1st February from 5pm through to 8pm

Tickets are on sale and are strictly limited to two per family due to Health and Safety restrictions. The school hall is only allowed to hold 160 people and under strict legislation we have to adhere to this number. Refreshments will be served during the interval and we look forward to seeing the children and staff perform. Auditions take place from Monday 14th January. GOOD LUCK CHILDREN !



LIBRARY OPENING – The new school library will open on THURSDAY 24th JANUARY and we invite parents to join us at 2.30pm for the official opening. We are looking forward to the story teller coming to work with the children in preparation for the grand opening. Do make every effort to join us.


BREAKFAST AND AFTER SCHOOL CLUB – These two very popular clubs continue to be enjoyed by children and families. If you want your child to access the clubs please click on the link for further information. They provide great value for money and the children are well looked after  by our dedicated staff.



ATTENDANCE – Congratulations to the children from Year 4 Rowan who had the best attendance this week with 99%

Year 1 Lime


Year 1 Maple


Year 2 Alder


Year 2 Willow


Year 3 Birch


Year 3 Elm


Year 4 Aspen


Year 4 Rowan


Year 5 Ash


Year 5 Cedar


Year 6 Cherry


Year 6 Oak


Total 94.5
National Average 96%

PUNCTUALITY – There were 33 children who late coming to school this week. This is an increase of 5 more  children arriving  late to school than last week! Please make every effort to ensure that your child comes to school on time.



TUNE OF THE WEEKEND –  Happy 60th Birthday to Motown! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xwvpeYiQwss