Headteacher’s Newsletter – Friday 16th October 2020 – Autumn 7


Another positive visit from our Maths adviser, lesson study and observations, preparations for parent/carer teacher consultations, laying plans for an outdoor gym, improved attendance and punctuality and vastly improved attitudes towards parking and road sense have made it a very successful week.  We head in to the last week of the half term knowing that the start of the academic year has been very positive and the children continue to produce some very good work.  As parts of the country move to Tier 2 over the weekend, it is more important than ever that we remain vigilant in combating the spread of Coronavirus. Please adhere to the strict guidelines that are in place to protect everyone and we ask that you keep supporting the school in all that we are doing to give your child the best education we can.



The word of the week is – SOUGH -make a moaning, whistling, or rushing sound – “the soughing of the wind in the canopy of branches”



PARENT/CARER – TEACHER CONSULTATIONS – These very important meetings take place next week – Wednesday 21st October 3:30pm – 5:30pm and on Thursday 22nd October 3:30pm – 7:00pm. All appointments must be booked on the Teachers2Parents app and meetings will take place using Zoom. Historically there have been a number of parents/carers who don’t make an appointment to meet with their child’s class teacher. I can not stress highly enough, especially during these challenging times, the importance of making an appointment. Further details can be found by clicking: https://parkside.herts.sch.uk/wp-content/uploads/2020/10/Parent-Carer-Consultation-October-2020.pdf



NON UNIFORM DAY IN EXCHANGE FOR AN ITEM FOR HARVEST FESTIVALFRIDAY 23rd OCTOBER – We would like the children to come to school next Friday in their own clothes in exchange for an item of food to support the school’s Harvest Festival. All donations will be delivered to the Borehamwood Food bank. We are able to receive non perishable goods such as; tins of soup, pasta, cakes, biscuits and food in jars. Historically, you have been very supportive of this initiative and we hope that you will continue to be as generous this year.



SCHOOL LUNCHES – All year groups  have the option of taking a hot meal at lunch times. The new service in Key Stage 2 is going well and the children are enjoying eating their lunches in a calm and relaxed environment. The current arrangements will continue in to next half term and will be reviewed in the new year. If you wish for your child to have a hot meal please to speak to a member of staff in the office.



DATES FOR THE REST OF THE TERM – Please click on the link for important dates for the rest of the term.



ATTENDANCE AND PUNCTUALITY – There were 9 pupils who were late this week who came late to school on 15 occasions. This is a DECREASE of  8 occasions this week. Thank you to everyone who drops their child to school on time. LET’S REALLY TRY AND MAKE NEXT WEEK THE WEEK WHERE WE HAVE NO CHILD COMING LATE TO SCHOOL!

Congratulations to  5 CEDAR who had the best attendance this week with  100%. Please keep this going!!

Nursery Hazel – 84.3  %
Reception Fir – 94.1%
Reception Pine – 97.8%

1 Lime – 100%
1 Maple – 98.7%

2 Alder – 99.4%
2 Willow – 96.5%

3 Birch – 96.3%
4 Aspen – 94%

5 Ash – 96.3%
5 Cedar – 100%

6 Cherry – 91.2%
6 Oak – 94%

School Total for the week –  96%
School Total for the term – 94%



PARKSIDE FLYERS AND HOT CHOCOLATE WINNERS – Congratulations to Damian, Patrick, Daisy, Wiktoria, Poppy, Daisy, Naima, Amelia, Finley, Kayla, Yaren and Remel who were this week’s flyers. Thank you children for demonstrating our values and working hard to have such a positive week.

I enjoyed sharing a cup of hot chocolate this afternoon with  Daisy, Harley, Daisy and Alfie.  Thank you children for upholding our school values. We are very proud of you.



TUNES FOR THE WEEKEND – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zjjtUl7w4ZU