Headteacher’s Newsletter – Friday 16th April 2021 – Summer 1

The start of the summer term always brings a lot of hope and optimism and this one has been no different. I was incredibly suprised to receive a letter from Gavin Williamson MP the Secretary of State for Education on Monday morning. He wrote to tell me that he was impressed with the improvements that have been made at the school – something we should all feel proud of, because without your support we wouldn’t be in such a position. I think we can afford to congratulate ourselves and to savour the moment. That said, the wheels of education never stop turning and this week we put in place plans to deliver the government’s Catch Up programme. We look forward to seeing this programme in action and the progress the children will make under the careful eye of their tutors.  Everyone has returned to school full of energy and the children have made a good start to the term. If you have any concerns or worries no matter how small we are always here to listen and support you.



The word of the week is – RESPAIR – fresh hope and recovery from despair.






PARKING AND DROP OFF – This cotentious issue continues to cause concern. Many of you drop your child to school safely and are very diligent about keeping safe and parking sensibly. However there are a number of you who do not park appropriately, leave engines idling, park illegally and take incredibly dangerous risks when dropping and collecting your child to school. There is plenty of parking on the side roads around the school and in the local church car park on Aycliffe Road. We are all under the pressure of time in the mornings but if we begin to manage mornings more effectively we can leave enough time to drop off safely and avoid any unecessary accidents. Thank you for your continued support with this very important aspect of health and safety.



THANK YOU TO MR AND MRS NAKRANI – This week Mr and Mrs Nakrani parents of Niti and Triya donated 8 signed copies of Ted and His Time Travelling Toilet by Steven Vinacour. They also donated 2 laptops to the school for the children to use through lock down. We are very grateful to them for their kindness and generosity.



HOMEWORK AND CURRICULUM LETTERS – Teachers have been working hard and have put your child’s homework activities and termly curriculum letters on the respective class pages on the school website. Please make sure that you read through them carefully. Every week we award the highest achieving class the Standards Cup at our Monday assembly. Homework is one of the key standards  we judge every week. Your support with this important area of learning is vital in helping your child to make progress. We look forward to receiving the children’s completed pieces of homework through the summer term.



ATTENDANCE AND PUNCTUALITY – There were 24  occasions where children came late to  school this week from 15 families. Thank you to everyone who brings their child to school on time everyday.

Rec Pine – 94.6%
Rec Fir – 98.8%

1 Lime – 98.3%
1 Maple – 98.4%

2 Alder – 90.8%
2 Willow – 97.4%

3 Birch – 94.4%
4 Aspen – 98.3%

5 Ash – 98.1%
5 Cedar – 90.8%

6 Cherry – 95.2%
6 Oak – 92.9%




PARKSIDE FLYERS – Congratulations to: Holly, Abigail, Deyan, David, Selena, Kenzie, Abdi, Dharun, Henry, Kia, Ersi and Odin who were this week’s flyers. Thank you children for returning to school with such a positive attitude.



TUNES FOR THE WEEKEND – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WmgNFpFY3DU