Headteacher’s Newsletter – Friday 14th December 2018

Traditionally the penultimate week of the autumn term or Michaelmas term as it is known at some universities is often the toughest. Yet here at Parkside it has been one of joy and sheer enjoyment. The merriment and sense of fun around the buildings has been felt by everyone. Our Reception classes performed with great pride and enthusiasm at their Nativity performance on Thursday and was watched by many parents and carers. It was so popular many of you came to both performances! Our final Christmas event will take place next Tuesday evening; children in Years 3 and 4 will sing Christmas songs for parents and carers in the school hall from 5.30pm . Please make every effort to attend. It has been lovely to see many of you coming to support your child over the past two weeks, please continue to make the school a place of peace and harmony; a community where everyone is valued and listened too.


The word of the week is EBULLIENT – having or showing liveliness and enthusiasm. As Christmas gets closer let us all try and show a little ebullience to one and all.


ATTENDANCE AND PUNCTUALITY – There were 39 children who were late this week – a slight improvement on last week but still too many arriving after the registers close.  There are also a number of children who are collected late once school has finished at 3:15pm. This can be very distressing for a child when their parent / carer turn up to collect late on a regular basis. Please speak with Mrs Toms our Pastoral Worker who will be very willing to help if you are experiencing difficulties with punctuality. There a number of ways the school can help families with this issue; the importance of punctuality can not be stressed enough.


Congratulations to the children from Year 1 Maple Class who had the best attendance this week with 98.9 %

Overall School Attendance – 93.6       National Average – 96%

Group % Attendance
Reception Fir 90.0
Reception Pine 88.6
Year 1 Lime 94.1
Year 1 Maple 98.9
Year 2 Alder 86.7
Year 2 Willow 92.3
Year 3 Birch 90.7
Year 3 Elm 95.2
Year 4 Aspen 89.2
Year 4 Rowan 96.0
Year 5 Ash 97.6
Year 5 Cedar 95.8
Year 6 Cherry 95.7
Year 6 Oak 98.6


RECEPTION CLASS NATIVITY PLAY – BORN IN A BARN – We were treated to two very special nativity performances from our children in Reception on Thursday. They sang beautifully and delivered their lines with clarity and precision. It was a very special moment for the children and the staff. Thank you to everyone for making the event a great success.


SCHOOL COUNCIL MEET TWO MAYORS! – The school council were very fortunate to meet with Councillor Brenda Batten the Mayor of Hertsmere Borough Council and Councillor Charles Goldstein the former Mayor on Friday last week. They held their latest meeting in the council chamber and discussed some very important issues about improving life for children at Parkside. The Mayor was very impressed with the children’s knowledge and level of questioning and they were even treated to juice and cakes in one of the meeting rooms. Not only were the school council excellent ambassadors for our school, they were a great example of how British Values are taught at our school. Thank you children.


ADMISSIONS –    Starting Reception 2019 – The Herts Online system for Reception applications opens on Monday 5 November and closes on Tuesday 15 January. Further information about the school’s admissions can be found by clicking on the following link – https://parkside.herts.sch.uk/admissions/


30 HOURS FREE CHILDCARE FOR NURSERY CHILDREN – We are very keen to offer 30 hours of childcare in the Nursery but this can only be done with your support.

In order for the school to be in a position to offer full time Nursery education, we need to know if this is something that parents and carers want. We trust that by offering full time care for your child you would be in a position to accept it. Providing a full time service means we are able to offer the children the best possible start to their education and to support the needs of our families.

Please do consider this offer very seriously if this is something that you want for your child and return the slip to the letter that was sent out on 16th November


YEAR 3 + 4 SING AT THE MEAD RESIDENTIAL CARE HOME –  Children from Years 3 and 4 spent an hour singing and entertaining the elderly at the Mead Residential Care Home on Friday morning. They sang renditions of Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, Starry Night and Let it Snow to the residents who were so impressed that the children were given a Cadbury’s selection box by way of thanks. Thank you children for representing the school in such a wonderful way and being excellent ambassadors for our school.



CAKE SALE – A huge thank you to everyone who donated a cake or bought one at yesterday’s sale. Whilst it was a small affair the Friends of Parkside managed to organise and raise £68 for the children. There is one more event next week organised by the Friends – Christmas Jumper Day! In exchange for a £1 everyone can wear their Christmas jumper to school next Wednesday. We look forward to welcoming the children in their jumpers next week.


CHRISTMAS DINNER – We will celebrate Christmas dinner with the children on WEDNESDAY 19th DECEMBER. Staff will serve the children their dinner before joining them at table.


YEAR 2 TRIP TO REVELEY LODGE –  Year 2 spent the morning at Reveley Lodge in Bushey on Wednesday morning developing their appreciation and deepening their learning about life in Victorian England. Bushey Museum who work with local schools to run ‘Victorian Experience’ events for primary school children encouraged the children and staff to dress in period costume. They took part in a Victorian school lesson which was attended by a school inspector, helped with the laundry and enjoyed afternoon tea complete with home-made Victoria spongecake. The children had a wonderful time and developed an appreciation of life in Victorian time. Thank you for representing the school so well children.



ATTENDANCE REWARDS –  Last week I wrote to parents about the importance of attendance and punctuality. One of the ways the school will reward children who have 100% attendance over any 6 weeks in a term is to chose a prize from a little shop I will have in my office. I am very pleased to announce that the rewards have come in to school and will be shown to the children at a special assembly on Monday.


AFTER SCHOOL CLUB – Our After School Club will start after Christmas on TUESDAY 8th JANUARY. There are a small number of places available. If you are interested in a placed at the After School Club please speak to a member of the Office staff.


CHRISTMAS TREE – Just under two weeks ago our Christmas tree was bare but after a little help and a touch of magic it sits proudly in the main corridor in the Key Stage 1 building. Thank you to everyone who sent in or made a decoration to hang on the tree. The children have really enjoyed having it in school. Thanks must also be given to the Friends for donating the tree to the school.




ESAFETY WORKSHOP  FOR PARENTS – Woodlands School will host an eSafety workshop for parents and carers on Monday 21st Jan 2019, 2.15pm to 3pm. There has been recent incidences locally concerning children’s online activity which has been worrying and has put children at risk and that this has come to the attention of the police. As a a result the local council have funded meetings for parents as a way of supporting and helping them to have greater understanding of this increasingly worrying issue. Please make every effort to attend. 


HOUSE POINT REWARD BOUNCE BEYOND – Children from Pegasus and Centuars enjoyed a morning of bouncing and exercise as a reward for working hard through the term. It was lovely to see them bouncing for a mile and getting out of breath. Congratulations children for working so hard, we hope you enjoyed your reward.



WELCOME TO GEORGE KEEGAN – A huge congratulations to Miss Coulson and her husband Graham on the birth of their son George. We are a little late in sharing the news but wish the whole family the very best on the new addition to their family.



17th December 2018 18.12.18 Coffee morning with Hea

Children’s Christmas Parties

18.12.18 – Y3 and 4 Carol concert


18.12.2018- Year 3 and 4 carol concert to parents evening performance

19.12.18 –Christmas Dinner Day

19.12.18 – Save the Children Christmas Jumper Day

20.12.18 School closes

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THE WEEKEND TUNE – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dTIq5lm3Bi0