Headteacher’s Newsletter – Friday 13th Decemeber 2019 Autumn 13

The Christmas season is well and truly underway! Our children from Nursery, Reception and Years 1 & 2 performed for parents/carers this week and were amazing. They shared with the school community the different messages of the meaning of Christmas; something we can all take something from. Our final performances will take place next week for our Year 3 and 4 parents/Carers on Tuesday at 2:30pm and again at 5:30pm. We look forward to welcoming you. We enter the last week of term on Monday and begin to look back at the events not only of the past term but the calendar year. Whilst the school continues to go through a continued period of transition we are heading in the right direction. Please continue to support the school in all that it does.


The word of the week is – ZWODDER –  to feel in a state of fuzziness


MOBILE PHONES – When we gather as a community we ask that you only take videos or photos of your child. There are children whose parents/carers do not want them to be part of  a photo or video footage. Please make sure that you adhere to this very simple but effective rule for everyone’s safety. Thank you.


CHRISTMAS JUMPERS – Just as we did last year children can wear their Christmas jumpers to school for the whole of next week should they wish and don’t forget Christmas dinner takes place on Wednesday and every one is encouraged to wear their jumper especially on this day.


MORNING DROP OFF – There are a number of parents/carers who leave their child at the entrance gates on Allerton and Aycliffe Road and don’t see them in to the building. I cannot stress highly enough the importance of ensuring your child enters the school building safely; it is every parent/carers’ responsibility to do this. The staff begin their role once your child is safely in the building, they are not responsible for making sure they enter the building safely. Thank you to those of you who follow this simple yet important rule.


NEW VISION STATEMENT – Earlier in the school year we spent a great deal of time creating a new mission statement for the school which we believe is being embedded across the school in a number of different ways. Part of any school’s purpose is also to have a vision for their pupils. It is the most important part of our purpose we are always striving to achieve. We are proud to announce our new vision statement for Parkside Community Primary School is:
Nurturing and inspiring young minds towards a bright future”
The new vision will be introduced at a special assembly to which you are all invited on Monday 6th December at 9:05am.


ATTENDANCE AND PUNCTUALITY – The vast majority of families are very punctual bringing their children to school and set the right example to their children. Thank you for your continued support with this, please make sure you continue to set the right standards. For those families who do struggle with punctuality please come and speak with a member of staff who can guide you and help in any way possible with this important part of your child’s learning.

There were 59 occasions when children turned up late to school this week.

Reception Pine

Reception Fir

1 Lime

1 Maple

2 Willow

2 Alder

3 Birch

4 Rowan

4 Aspen

5 Cedar

5 Ash

6 Cherry

6 Oak

Average – 92.8%


PARENT VIEW – We are always interested to hear the views of our parents /  carers. Please register your views using the following link: https://parentview.ofsted.gov.uk/


FUTURE DATES – Click on the link for next week’s dates and events https://parkside.herts.sch.uk/calendar/


FOOTBALL TEAM – The boys’ football team were in action twice this week and tasted success against Saffron Green with a 4-1 with Remel scoring a hat-trick but lost to Woodlands 9-3. They played with heart and passion and Mr Wanless and Mr Honour were proud of their display as a team. Well done boys.



WINGS AND HOT CHOCOLATE – Congratulations to the following children who have received their Wings and shared a cop of hot chocolate with Mrs Taylor or myself over the past couple of weeks.

Hot Chocolate: Lyla, Desara, Rilie, Finley, Naveed, Adem, Munira, Logan, Skyla, Halle, Lavinia, Jack, Lyssa, Summer, Theo, Blu, Thomas, Mirun, Christabel, Luke, Alicia, Abbie and Michael.

Parkside Flyers: Daisy, Charlie, Christabel, Layth, Jayden, Bianca, Edi, Munira, Zakaria, Hunni-Marie, Lara, Jaydon, Luca-James, Khaali, Daniella and Martyna.

Thank you children for upholding the standards we want here at our school. May you continue to soar.