Headteacher’s Newsletter – Friday 12th October

We have experienced unseasonably warm weather over the past week which has meant the children have been able to enjoy playing on the school field for another few days. The MUGA pitch is also being enjoyed by all year groups and is proving to be very popular across the school. We held two more workshops for parents / carers this week; the Year 1 Phonics workshop and the Year 5 Maths workshop. Both were well attended and we trust that you found them to be very helpful. Workshops are a vital way for the school to work in close relation with the parent/carer body and ensure that we fulfil our duty to you in supporting your child’s learning. A survey will be sent out towards the end of next week to gauge your response to the workshops and to identify how we can improve them for the next series of workshops which will be held in the Spring term. This week we will celebrate our Harvest assembly. Please make every effort to send in a donation which will be sent to the Borehamwood food bank. Thank you for your continued support.



The word of the week is APPROPRIATE : Suitable or proper in the circumstance.



YEAR 6 ASSEMBLY – We were treated to a re telling of the Trojan wars from nearly 4000 years ago at Friday morning’s assembly. The children told the story of Helen of Troy and the war that raged for over ten years between Greece and Sparta. They sang and spoke with confidence and were convincing in role when they acted. Thank you children for sharing your learning with us.



FRIENDS OF PARKSIDE CHRISTMAS CARDS – Earlier this week you received a letter about Christmas Cards. Every child will design their own card this week which will be sent off to the printers just before half term. The project will be run by the Friends of Parkside and will cost £4 for 12 cards. All proceeds will be used to improve and  develop the facilities for the children. This is the first project to be run by the reformed Friends and is an excellent opportunity for everyone to give them their full support. Please do everything you can to buy your child’s Christmas card.



TAKING CHILDREN OUT OF SCHOOL BEFORE THE END OF THE SCHOOL DAY – There are a number of parents / carers who take their child out of school before the end of the school day. In keeping with Safeguarding advice /regulations and ensuring all children remain safe, they will only be released in to the care of their parent/carer on receipt of official paperwork which documents appointments. Thank you for your support with this very important Safeguarding issue.



COLLECTION OF CHILDREN AFTER SCHOOL – The safeguarding of all children is of the utmost importance and is a major priority for the school. Having taken advice, no child will be released in to the care of anyone who is under the age of 16. Please make every effort to collect your child after school they very much look forward to their parent / carer collecting them after a long day. Thank you for your support with this very important issue.



ATTENDANCE – The official attendance for the school over that past two weeks was 94.3%. The national figure of 96% which means that we are still below this mark. Please make sure that your child attends school everyday unless they are very ill. 

Congratulations to Year 4 Aspen Class who a=had the best attendance throughout the school from October 1 through to October 12th with 98%.

2nd Place – Year 4 Rowan 97.9%

3rd Place – Year Year 1 Maple – 96.9%


50 children arrived late to school late this week; 8th – 12th October. This is far too many children arriving to school after 9 o’clock. Please read the attached flyer with this week’s newsletter very carefully about punctuality and attendance.




Week Beginning

15th October 2018

17.10.18 New parents Reception meeting


18.10.18 Maths workshop Y3


18.10.18 Boys football match against Summerswood


19.10.18 Year 2 Harvest assembly


10am-11 am











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THE WEEKEND TUNE – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VuGSA31Cfyw