Final reflections of Parkside by 6 Oak

As we draw to closer to the final day of this academic year, the children of 6 Oak have helped me reflect upon this question:
What are you going to miss about Parkside?
Sarayah: Thank you Parkside for making me the person I am today. I’ve enjoyed being a pupil at your school very much and I will treasure those moments for the rest of my life. What I love about Parkside is the lovely environment. The people in my class have made school fun to go to and I will miss them all as I go to Secondary School. Even though some of them can be annoying, that’s what makes school never a dull moment. I wish we could be a class forever because they are the best classmates I’ve ever had. I don’t want to lose touch but I’ll make other friends who make me feel that way to, I hope. My favourite teacher through my time at Parkside would definitely have to be Mr Wanless. I don’t know what it is but he’s the best teacher you could ever have, he can do anything . Thank you Parkside for making my primary years amazing. I’ll miss you all.
Razvan: The best thing at Parkside are my friends and the teachers, Thank You Mr Wanless for making year 6 sooooooooooooooooooooooo fun
P.S You’re the best teacher I have had at my time at Parkside.
Amy: I’m going to miss going on trips with my class as they were very fun. I enjoyed chatting and playing games on the coach with my friends. My favourite was the residential trip because I got to spend lots of time with them and take part in activities that I wouldn’t have been able to do at home. I will also miss the fun activities we would do in class like playing Maths games on the interactive board.
Sophie: I am going to miss Parkside because I have been here since Nursery. I am going to miss all my friends who are going to a different school especially Chrysoulla and Sarayah. Finally, I am going to miss my teacher because he is fun and good at what he does.
Lina: First I want to say how this school has made me the best version of myself, that I can ever be. My friends encouraged me in tough times, my teachers pushed me to improve my learning and that’s what made me the confident, intelligent person I am today.
My Year 6 class was probably one of the best classes ever, that class wouldn’t be the same if one person left but I guess it is time to say Goodbye. My teachers in Year 6 were always supportive of me and I would love to say thank you for the best year of my life. Especially a big thank you to Mr Wanless and Mrs Lunniss for being the best teacher/TA a kid could ask for.
My class was very ummm interesting, they all might have had a time when they were annoying but they would always make me laugh and I’m just not ready to say Goodbye. Parkside has made me a better and happier person and if I’m honest, I’m not ready to leave but I guess I have to.
Esther: I’ll really miss everyone, even though we would sometimes argue, they all have their part to play in 6 Oak. I will forever treasure my moments at Parkside. I’ve made some amazing friends who I will cherish. Let’s not forget about the teachers, each one of them have made who I am today, I will miss this school so much! Each and every year I’ve spent here has been amazing. I’ll miss you Parkside.
Sebi: Thank You Parkside for making me the student I am today. I have learned so much in the past 8 years and I’m looking forward to seeing my friends join me at Hertswood. I will miss all the memories from the start to the very end. Goodbye.
Amelia: I will miss my friends because I am not attending the same school as them. I have had an amazing 7 years at Parkside and I will miss it very much.
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