Last  night some of the Year 5’s and Year 6’s of Parkside took part in Children In Need, as part of the choir and sung the well known song, True Colours. The event will truly last in their memories as an once in a lifetime opportunity. Again this event shows how well Parkside comes together as a team and can create something so wonderful, myself and all the other teachers involved including Mr Soyka were immensely proud of the children, not just on the night but all through the process of getting to the point where they performed on live TV with such big smiles on their faces. (I must have watched it 5 times since coming home and the impact still is as strong as when I witnessed it in the studio!) A special mention must go to Yolanda (Sarayah’s Auntie) as her motivational and charismatic personality really shone through to the children. The Year 5 and 6 team would like to Thank: Mrs Lunnis, Miss Quinn, Mrs Knowles and Miss Castell who contributed so much to ensuring the children were ready and prepared for the performance last night.

Finally, I would like to congratulate the children for their performance and  behaviour throughout yesterday as I know how long the day must of felt for them but they continued to surpass expectations and represent Parkside to the highest standards possible. We contributed to helping Children In Need raise an incredible £47.9 million pounds. WOW!

Mr Wanless

P.S We even managed to get on Rochelle Humes Instagram story on the night as she was walking past! #Celebrities