Year 6 School Journey Day 5

Good morning from a very Marchants Hill. The children have had a wonderful week and are in the midst of completing their final activities and bags are packed. Miss Wood has informed me that you should expect to receive some very wet children later this afternoon. This morning activities are all outdoors so they will be running in between the raindrps to stay dry!

Today’s activities –

Group 1: Giant Swing and Archery
Group 2: Buggy Building and Archery
Group 3: Problem Solving and Climbing



Year 6 School Journey Day 4

After a good night’s rest after a very long day the children face another day of challenges. Mr Wanless has sent through the schedule:


Today’s Plan
Group 1: Challenge Course, Abseiling, Sensory Trail and Buggy Building
Group 2: Abseiling, Challenge Course, Sensory Trail and Giant Swing
Group 3: Archery, Giant Swing, Buggy Building and Abseiling


And one last picture from last night’s game of ambush in the woods.



Breakfast on Day 4 –


The latest update from Marchant’s Hill – Day 4 –


More pictures from the afternoon’s events –


Even more from the activities at Marchant’s Hill!!


Year 6 School Journey Day 3

It’s another adventure packed day down at Marchant’s Hill. You can follow today’s order of events below for the different groups. Mr Wanless and Miss Wood will be sending through images of the day so please keep a look out for the text messages which will redirect you to this page.


Group 1: Jacobs Ladder,  Climbing, Trapeze and Problem Solving

Group 2: Climbing , Jacobs ladder, Trapeze and Problem Solving

Group 3: sensory trail, Jacobs ladder, Rifles and Challenge Course


The children tackling the trapeze and Challenge Course

Year 6 School Journey Day 2

After a good night’s rest the children were ready for their breakfast and to tackle the day’s first set of activities – Survival and Rifle Shooting.



More updates from the day!





Year 6 School Journey Day 1

Year 6 have safely arrived at Marchants Hill and are unpacking their things ready to familiarise themselves with the site. We are very pleased that they have arrived safely. Have a lovely week children and staff. Please remember to keep up to date with the latest events down at Marchants Hill PGL on the school Twitter Feed and Facebook Page and school website –

@headparkside – TWITTER

Parkside Community Primary School – FACEBOOK


Preparing for our camp fire and our first dinner at Marchants Hill.

Just before bed at the end of Day 1.

Year 6 Residential Trip to Marchants Hill PGL – Day 5

The morning of the final day arrived but it was too wet for the children to take part in the Aeroball competition so they were set one last challenge… build a buggy that could seat two children powered by strength and determination. They could only use a couple of old barrels, a set of wheels and planks of wood. The results were incredible.




Lunch was taken for the last time once the buggy building activity came to an end. The children gathered their belongings from far and wide and boarded the coach for their return journey home to Borehamwood safe in the knowledge that they had a fantastic time making memories on the the Surrey Hampshire border.

Year 6 Residential Trip to Marchants Hill PGL – Day 4

After a good night’s rest the children woke to Day 4 with the promise of the Zip Line and Jacob’s Ladder in front of them. Whilst some were a little bleary eyed others were waiting with trepidation for the activities to begin.


Jacob’s Ladder is not an activity for those of you with a fear of heights. The children had to work together and support their partner to climb as high as they could to a height between 85 and 90 feet before taking the bravest step of all. Jumping off a small platform!





Zip Wire always proves to be a popular activity even for the adults. The children derive great pleasure from the feeling they get as they zoom on down the wire at great speed feeling the wind rush past them.






Shooting an arrow is not as easy as it looks. The children had enormous fun trying their hand at archery on the range and some were very successful.






The art of survival is to be prepared. Judging by the children’s ability to whittle  stake and start a fire not to mention building a shelter the staff thought they were well set to try out their new found skills.

Year 6 Residential Trip to Marchants Hill PGL – Day 3

After a good night’s sleep the children woke bright eyed and bushy tailed for breakfast at the start of day three. Raft building awaited them which would draw on their team building skills, logic and perseverance. They worked hard as a team to build a raft which they had to all travel on from one side of the lake to the other. It proved to be a great bonding experience, one which they learnt a great deal from.

Where to start next! Archery, Climbing, Survival, Trapeze and the traditional Camp Fire all beckoned on the third day for the children once they had completed building their rafts.


Archery was a popular choice for Year 6 and they worked hard to combat the technicalities of the bow. Mastering an activity of this nature was a great example of how well the children worked and how well they encouraged each other.




The Wall always proves just how well the children are learning from their experience. It shows confidence, determination and perseverance. Congratulations to all of you who climbed on the wall today. Team work really helps!!


Survival skills and shelter building were on the late afternoon agenda on Day 3. The children learnt how how to build a waterproof shelter in the wild and the value of being able to build a fire. Resilience and team work indeed!


Trapeze and Swing were the highlights of the afternoon. You can see the confidence and bravery the children exhibited during both activities.

Swing Video


No residential trip is ever complete with out a campfire and marshmallows!



Year 6 Residential Trip to Marchants Hill PGL Day 2

After a long day yesterday and the first night in their new surroundings the children couldn’t wait to start the day and get their first taste of life at a PGL centre. The Challenge Course, the Adventure Challenge and the Zip Wire have kept the children entertained whilst they figured out how to tackle the activities together. They have really begun to find their feet and pull together as a team to help each other through the day.


The day has been in full flow and the children have enjoyed themselves immensely. The Sensory Trail is a test of skill, endurance and trust and is often cause for merriment and fun.


Whilst some of the other children tried their hand at abseiling. Having seen the tower myself the courage and determination to succeed is a big ask. Congratulations children.


And then there were some who went on THAT swing!






Year 6 Residential Trip to Marchants Hill PGL Day 1

The children came to school full of excitement knowing that after lunch they would be taking the coach to Marchants Hill. After a relatively smooth journey they unpacked and explored their surroundings. Due to the wet weather the outdoor game of Cluedo was replaced by an hilarious game of musical statues. Dinner consisted of lasagne, sausages, beetroot, goat’s cheese and platefuls of salad. Little sleep was had due to the continued excitement as day two beckoned.