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Setting descriptions

Up in Year 6, we have been focusing on the book, Wisp by Zana Fraillon and Grahame Baker-Smith. During last week, we paid particular attention to some of the settings represented by the beautiful illustrations in the book.

Below are some extracts from pieces of work from children in 6 Oak based on this picture.

Alisha: As the sun drowned and the moon rose, darkness descended. Roaring clouds fighting against the wind, a wind so powerful that would make you shiver, whilst the emerald sea shook. My life long comrade struggled to cope with the constant barrages.

Theo: The sun set and the clouds bloated with darkness. A shotgun of water shook the boat terribly until it settled, but then out of nowhere, a fierce wave rose above my head catapulting me high above my trusty boat.

Rain poured down, suddenly within a flash water started to invade my boat, drenching it! Thunder roared and lightning struck, ruling the ferocious seas making whoever sailed it bow to its mercy.

Bawan: The deep blue sea roars with the evening wind, as the moon was glowing in the night sky. Darkness descended on the furious sea while the clouds expanded with a type of charcoal grey colour. It was a constant battle between the sky and sea.

The splash of waves overpowered me at times as my lifelong companion of the ocean struggled to cope with the un-predictableness of the merciless sea.

Diya K: As darkness entered upon the raging sea, my life was in danger! The waves bellowed at me as I trembled in fear. I looked up at the sky and I realised I was no longer in control. The moon was glowing in the night sky as the waves kept pulling me down. I was facing a losing battle and the mercy of turning weather.

Diya P: The tranquil ocean bloated in fury sending crashing waves in collision. The ghostly blackened clouds lingered above the perplexing sea. Everything looked like a horror story. There was no hope left – my energy was diminished and lost in the sea. My lifelong comrade of the sea struggled to keep up in the non-stop battle with the sea and wind.

Zak: Moonlight lit up the tiny boat persevering against the raging sea, angry clouds were filled with thunder, occasionally sneaking out only to crack and fizzle away. The sea was acting as though it was shouting to the sky in mercy, pleading with it to stop.

Fear overwhelmed me, I realised escape was impossible, all hope left me till all I was, was a shell of terror drenched in sadness.

Mr Wanless


The final week for 6 Oak

It’s with a heavy heart that I thought I would post this message today. As we draw to a close this academic year, I want you all to know how special you have made this year, I know it has interrupted and spoiled a lot of events which we were all looking forward too and I’m so gutted for you but remember no matter what you should all be proud of your achievements and what you have accomplished this year both in school and at home. This is not how your final year should go and I wish I could get you all back in to school too say a proper goodbye but this may be my only other option. Coming to Parkside last September you have made me feel welcome from the very first day, treated me with respect, tried hard in everything I asked of even when on PGL or at sporting events – I could not have asked for more. And something not so obvious… everyday, you could put a smile on my face, you could cheer me up even if I was having an ‘off’ morning/afternoon because we all have them and it takes a special class, a special group of people to be able to make someone enjoy each and everyday of work.

I’m hoping this will not be the only way I get to say good luck to you… but if it is, I want you all to know you have made me very proud and there is no way I’ll ever forget my first class at Parkside, you have made me fall back in love with teaching again.

Just promise me … come September you will go to your secondary school with lots of energy and desire to do well – embrace the challenges and reach for the stars.

Take care 6 Oak and remember – stay fired up and be ready to go and in the words of Kid president – you are all awesome! So be the heroes you are meant to be.

Mr Wanless

Final reflections of Parkside by 6 Oak

As we draw to closer to the final day of this academic year, the children of 6 Oak have helped me reflect upon this question:
What are you going to miss about Parkside?
Sarayah: Thank you Parkside for making me the person I am today. I’ve enjoyed being a pupil at your school very much and I will treasure those moments for the rest of my life. What I love about Parkside is the lovely environment. The people in my class have made school fun to go to and I will miss them all as I go to Secondary School. Even though some of them can be annoying, that’s what makes school never a dull moment. I wish we could be a class forever because they are the best classmates I’ve ever had. I don’t want to lose touch but I’ll make other friends who make me feel that way to, I hope. My favourite teacher through my time at Parkside would definitely have to be Mr Wanless. I don’t know what it is but he’s the best teacher you could ever have, he can do anything . Thank you Parkside for making my primary years amazing. I’ll miss you all.
Razvan: The best thing at Parkside are my friends and the teachers, Thank You Mr Wanless for making year 6 sooooooooooooooooooooooo fun
P.S You’re the best teacher I have had at my time at Parkside.
Amy: I’m going to miss going on trips with my class as they were very fun. I enjoyed chatting and playing games on the coach with my friends. My favourite was the residential trip because I got to spend lots of time with them and take part in activities that I wouldn’t have been able to do at home. I will also miss the fun activities we would do in class like playing Maths games on the interactive board.
Sophie: I am going to miss Parkside because I have been here since Nursery. I am going to miss all my friends who are going to a different school especially Chrysoulla and Sarayah. Finally, I am going to miss my teacher because he is fun and good at what he does.
Lina: First I want to say how this school has made me the best version of myself, that I can ever be. My friends encouraged me in tough times, my teachers pushed me to improve my learning and that’s what made me the confident, intelligent person I am today.
My Year 6 class was probably one of the best classes ever, that class wouldn’t be the same if one person left but I guess it is time to say Goodbye. My teachers in Year 6 were always supportive of me and I would love to say thank you for the best year of my life. Especially a big thank you to Mr Wanless and Mrs Lunniss for being the best teacher/TA a kid could ask for.
My class was very ummm interesting, they all might have had a time when they were annoying but they would always make me laugh and I’m just not ready to say Goodbye. Parkside has made me a better and happier person and if I’m honest, I’m not ready to leave but I guess I have to.
Esther: I’ll really miss everyone, even though we would sometimes argue, they all have their part to play in 6 Oak. I will forever treasure my moments at Parkside. I’ve made some amazing friends who I will cherish. Let’s not forget about the teachers, each one of them have made who I am today, I will miss this school so much! Each and every year I’ve spent here has been amazing. I’ll miss you Parkside.
Sebi: Thank You Parkside for making me the student I am today. I have learned so much in the past 8 years and I’m looking forward to seeing my friends join me at Hertswood. I will miss all the memories from the start to the very end. Goodbye.
Amelia: I will miss my friends because I am not attending the same school as them. I have had an amazing 7 years at Parkside and I will miss it very much.
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