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Secondary School Transfer Process 2020-2021

Please click on the link to access the slides which guides you through the secondary school transfer process. Please remember to make an appointment through the office if you would like to speak to Mr Soyka about the application process.


Welcome to Year 6

Welcome to Year 6!

We are very excited to meet with our new year 6 classes very soon.

Please have a look at our curriculum letter to see what we will be learning about this term.  Please note that this year the Year 6 children will need to come to school in their PE kit on Mondays, which is their PE day.   They will also need to make sure they bring a bottle of water to school each day.

Year 6 Class Letter

Below is the homework grid for this term based on the learning we are doing in class.  We expect the children to complete at least 3 pieces of homework each half term.  They may do more if they like!

Year 6 Autumn 1 Homework

If you  have any questions or concerns please email your class teacher who will be happy to discuss these with you via email or telephone conversation.

Oak Class –

Cherry Class –

Thank you,

Year 6 Team

Year 6 Home Learning 17.7.20

Good Morning Year 6,

We have finally made it to Friday 🙂 We would like to congratulate you for everything you have achieved this year even through such challenging times.  Myself and Miss Wood are extremely proud of you all and we wish you all the luck in the world as you embark on your next adventure at Secondary School.  Stay committed, keep trying your best and most importantly keep smiling because you have been a year group that has kept Miss Wood and me smiling throughout the academic year and when you feel happy, everything just seems to fit into place.

As for your tasks today… just don’t worry, enjoy your day with your family and have a lovely summer break.

Best wishes for the future,

Mr Wanless and Miss Wood

The final week for 6 Oak

It’s with a heavy heart that I thought I would post this message today. As we draw to a close this academic year, I want you all to know how special you have made this year, I know it has interrupted and spoiled a lot of events which we were all looking forward too and I’m so gutted for you but remember no matter what you should all be proud of your achievements and what you have accomplished this year both in school and at home. This is not how your final year should go and I wish I could get you all back in to school too say a proper goodbye but this may be my only other option. Coming to Parkside last September you have made me feel welcome from the very first day, treated me with respect, tried hard in everything I asked of even when on PGL or at sporting events – I could not have asked for more. And something not so obvious… everyday, you could put a smile on my face, you could cheer me up even if I was having an ‘off’ morning/afternoon because we all have them and it takes a special class, a special group of people to be able to make someone enjoy each and everyday of work.

I’m hoping this will not be the only way I get to say good luck to you… but if it is, I want you all to know you have made me very proud and there is no way I’ll ever forget my first class at Parkside, you have made me fall back in love with teaching again.

Just promise me … come September you will go to your secondary school with lots of energy and desire to do well – embrace the challenges and reach for the stars.

Take care 6 Oak and remember – stay fired up and be ready to go and in the words of Kid president – you are all awesome! So be the heroes you are meant to be.

Mr Wanless

Final reflections of Parkside by 6 Oak

As we draw to closer to the final day of this academic year, the children of 6 Oak have helped me reflect upon this question:
What are you going to miss about Parkside?
Sarayah: Thank you Parkside for making me the person I am today. I’ve enjoyed being a pupil at your school very much and I will treasure those moments for the rest of my life. What I love about Parkside is the lovely environment. The people in my class have made school fun to go to and I will miss them all as I go to Secondary School. Even though some of them can be annoying, that’s what makes school never a dull moment. I wish we could be a class forever because they are the best classmates I’ve ever had. I don’t want to lose touch but I’ll make other friends who make me feel that way to, I hope. My favourite teacher through my time at Parkside would definitely have to be Mr Wanless. I don’t know what it is but he’s the best teacher you could ever have, he can do anything . Thank you Parkside for making my primary years amazing. I’ll miss you all.
Razvan: The best thing at Parkside are my friends and the teachers, Thank You Mr Wanless for making year 6 sooooooooooooooooooooooo fun
P.S You’re the best teacher I have had at my time at Parkside.
Amy: I’m going to miss going on trips with my class as they were very fun. I enjoyed chatting and playing games on the coach with my friends. My favourite was the residential trip because I got to spend lots of time with them and take part in activities that I wouldn’t have been able to do at home. I will also miss the fun activities we would do in class like playing Maths games on the interactive board.
Sophie: I am going to miss Parkside because I have been here since Nursery. I am going to miss all my friends who are going to a different school especially Chrysoulla and Sarayah. Finally, I am going to miss my teacher because he is fun and good at what he does.
Lina: First I want to say how this school has made me the best version of myself, that I can ever be. My friends encouraged me in tough times, my teachers pushed me to improve my learning and that’s what made me the confident, intelligent person I am today.
My Year 6 class was probably one of the best classes ever, that class wouldn’t be the same if one person left but I guess it is time to say Goodbye. My teachers in Year 6 were always supportive of me and I would love to say thank you for the best year of my life. Especially a big thank you to Mr Wanless and Mrs Lunniss for being the best teacher/TA a kid could ask for.
My class was very ummm interesting, they all might have had a time when they were annoying but they would always make me laugh and I’m just not ready to say Goodbye. Parkside has made me a better and happier person and if I’m honest, I’m not ready to leave but I guess I have to.
Esther: I’ll really miss everyone, even though we would sometimes argue, they all have their part to play in 6 Oak. I will forever treasure my moments at Parkside. I’ve made some amazing friends who I will cherish. Let’s not forget about the teachers, each one of them have made who I am today, I will miss this school so much! Each and every year I’ve spent here has been amazing. I’ll miss you Parkside.
Sebi: Thank You Parkside for making me the student I am today. I have learned so much in the past 8 years and I’m looking forward to seeing my friends join me at Hertswood. I will miss all the memories from the start to the very end. Goodbye.
Amelia: I will miss my friends because I am not attending the same school as them. I have had an amazing 7 years at Parkside and I will miss it very much.
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Year 6 Home Learning 16.7.20

Good Morning Year 6,

PE: As usual we would like you to be doing some physical activities. Tune in to Joe Wicks  on his YouTube channel for one of his previous workouts, try out one of his Saturday routines or go for a walk with your family or play some games out in the garden.

Maths: Our final Maths session of the week will focus on calculating the ‘Mean’ from a set of data.

Reading: Chapter 4 of The nightmare machine

  1. Read Chapter 4
  2. Answer online multiple questions
  3. SPaG worksheet

Art: Our next ‘How to draw’ session is:

Quote of the day: ‘You didn’t come this far… to only come this far!’

Have a lovely day,

Mr Wanless and Miss Wood



Year 6 Home Learning 15.7.20

Good Morning Year 6,

Assembly:  The science behind why – This week we’re joined by scientist, doctor and broadcaster Professor Robert Winston, who was challenged by students from the Frank Wise School to answer all of the questions they had about science. With questions ranging from thunderstorms to vaccines there’s almost nothing he couldn’t explain.

Maths: Today’s lesson is all about interpreting Pie Charts.

Reading: Chapter 3 of The Nightmare Machine

  • Read Chapter 3
  • Answer online multiple choice questions
  • Task: Write about a time when you used your mind to overcome a challenging situation.

Art: Today’s ‘How to draw’ art task is:  How to draw a shark folding surprise puppet.

Short task:  I know this is not the way we should be ending our year together but I would like to collect some thoughts and reflections from you, so I have a question.  What are you going to miss most about Parkside and why?

Quote of the day: Sometimes we’re tested…… Not to show our weaknesses…… But to discover our strengths. 

Have a great Wednesday,

Mr Wanless and Miss Wood



Year 6 Home Learning 14.7.20

Good Morning Year 6, let’s get Tuesday going.

PE: Tune in to Joe Wicks  on his YouTube channel, although he is not live today, there are still lots of fun sessions to complete.

Maths: Today the session will focus on ‘Circles’

Reading: Chapter 2 of The Nightmare Machine.

  • Read Chapter 2
  • Answer Online Multiple questions
  • Task: Write down some of the thoughts and questions that were running through Daniel’s mind after arriving at Lady Rhonda’s fortress.

Art:  Today on ‘How to draw’ we are going to learn how to draw a Labrador puppy.

Quote of the day: Don’t limit your challenges… Challenge your limits.

Have a lovely day,

Mr Wanless and Miss Wood.



Year 6 Home Learning 13.7.20

So……… the final week of the academic year is here.

Who knew back in January when we returned from the Christmas holidays that this would be how the year would end?

It has been a difficult few months for all of us in many different ways, but together we have supported each other. We’d like to thank you for all your work and all the fun activities you have been doing whilst at home.

So let’s end Year 6 on a high.

PE: I would like you to design an activity which you can do at home, for example how many jumps can you do in a minute?, or how far can you jump from a standing position? etc… I want you to write down your score and send it in and we, here at school will see if we can beat it.

Maths: Today’s first lesson is all about nets of 3D shapes.

Reading: Purple Mash – The nightmare machine

Art:  Here at school we have been using the ‘How to draw’ clips to improve our drawing and creative skills. Today we are going to try and draw a house emoji.

My Quote for today: Don’t count the days… make the days count!

Have a great day,

Mr Wanless and  Miss Wood