Year 1 Autumn 2 Homework

homework autumn 2

Meet the Teacher

Please click the link below to learn more about life in Year 1.


Year 1 Curriculum class letter

Year 1 Parents

Please have a look at our curriculum class letter, it will show you what your child will be learning this term.


Year 1 Class Letter


If you have any questions, please email your class teacher who will be happy to answer these for you.

Lime class –

Maple class –

Welcome to Year 1

Welcome to Year 1

We are very excited to meet with our new year 1 classes very soon.

Please have a look at the short video and Powerpoint that we have prepared for you. We hope they will be informative and answer any questions that you may have regarding starting back at school.

If you still have any questions or concerns please email your class teacher who will be happy to discuss these with you via email or telephone conversation.

Lime Class –

Maple Class –

Thank you,

Year 1 team..



Parents’ Information PPT

Year 1 Home Learning Timetable 13.07.2020

Good Morning Year 1,


Our last week of the Summer Term has arrived and it’s a bit sad that we can’t all be together. Those of you at home are very much missed and we hope that we can have a lovely catch up in September.


Our Home Learning Timetable for this week is here

Home Learning Timetable 13.07.2020


White Rose Maths Activities sheets

Lesson 1 – Find a half (1)

Lesson 2 – Find a half (2)

Lesson 3 – Find a quarter (1)

Lesson 4 – Find a quarter (2)


Summer Term Maths Tests




English Rainforest Story Pages

Rainforest Story


Our printed Home Learning Packs will be available from school this week at the Allerton Road entrance and will include printed versions of this weeks’ activities.


Have a wonderful week Year 1!


Best Wishes,

Carla Laughton and Michaela Koss

Year 1 Home Learning Timetable 06.07.2020

Good Morning Year 1,


Another week rolls around, we don’t have many left now! We hope that you are all doing well and keeping safe at home.


Here is the Home Learning Timetable for this week.

Home Learning Timetable 06.07.2020


White Rose Maths Activities

Lesson 1 – Ordering numbers

Lesson 2 – Recognising coins

Lesson 3 – Recognising notes

Lesson 4 – Counting in coins


Topic Activities

These are included in the Home Learning Pack which was collected from school last week.

Rainforest Writing 1

Rainforest Writing 2


Please get in touch if there’s any further support we can offer to you.

Well done everyone and keep going!!

Best wishes


Year 1 Home Learning Timetable 29.06.2020

Good Morning,


We hope you are all well after a very windy weekend?

It’s nice to have a break from the very high temperatures last week but some sunshine would be nice!


Here is our Home Learning Timetable for this week –

Home Learning Timetable 29.06.2020


White Rose Maths Activity Sheets

Lesson 1 – Counting to 100

Lesson 2 – Partitioning numbers

Lesson 3 – Comparing numbers (1)

Lesson 4 – Comparing numbers (2)


Topic Activities

Rainforest senses – drawing

Rainforest Senses

Comparing Forests Venn Diagram Activity Sheet A3

Comparing Forests Venn Diagram Fact Cards


The Home Learning Pack containing all the activities for the next 2 weeks will be available to collect from the Allerton Road side entrance from Tuesday this week.


Please send your class teacher an email to let them know how you are getting on with these activities and photos of completed work when you have finished. Its always so lovely to see what you have been doing.


Best wishes,

Year 1 Teachers

Year 1 Home Learning Timetable 22.06

Good Morning Year 1

We that you have had a lovely weekend and are looking forward to a week of sunny weather. Remember your suncream and sun hat if you’re going outside!


Here is your home learning timetable for this week.

Home Learning Timetable 22.06.2020


White Rose Activity sheets

Lesson 1 Make arrays 2020

Lesson 2 Make doubles 2020

Lesson 3 Make equal groups – sharing 2020

Lesson 4 Make equal groups – grouping 2020


PHSE activity

L4 When I Grow Up, I’d Like to Be… Activity Sheet


Science activity sheets

Rainforest food chains


Have a wonderful week and keep sending in your work!

Year 1 Home Learning Timetable 15.06.2020

Good morning Year 1,

I hope that you have all had a lovely weekend and have enjoyed the better weather!

Here is our timetable for the week –

Home Learning Timetable 15.06.2020


Our Spelling Practise activity is on Purple Mash so please log in and practise your spellings for the week.

List 32

red   door   right   see   these   began   boy   animals   never   next


White Rose Maths

Our links to the videos are on the timetable and the practise sheets are here –

Lesson 1 Count in 2s 2019

Lesson 2 Count in 5s 2019

Lesson 3 Count in 10s 2020

Lesson 4 Add equal groups 2020


Have a great week and please send an email to let us know how you are all getting on!


Year 1 Home Learning Timetable 08.06.2020

Hello Year 1,
Good morning, I hope that you’ve all had a nice weekend and managed to keep out of the rain, hail and thunder storms!
As we prepare to welcome back some Year 1 children on Wednesday our Home Learning has changed.
We will continue to set a timetable that will show what the children in school will be learning and those of you at home can follow this structure too.
Our home learning packs will include the White Rose Maths sheets and the resources we are using in school, we will prepare these every 2 weeks for you to collect from the Allerton Road gate at school. There is a generic work pack available at school for you to collect now and next one will be available from next week. These will no longer be delivered to your home.
Please find our Timetable for this week here:
The White Rose Maths activity sheets are here:
Please email your Class Teacher if you have any questions.
Thank you..