Letter from The Secretary of State for Education

This morning I received a letter from the Secretary of State for Education the Rt Hon Gavin Williamson CBE MP. In it, he expresses his thanks and appreciation of the hard work and improvements we have made at the school over the past few years.

The letter came as a response to a correspondence he received from a Mr Wedger who worked at the school last year. Mr Wedger was so impressed by the way the school supports the children, that he wrote to the Secretary of State to share this with him.

Whilst the letter is addressed to myself, the recognition is testament to everyone’s hard efforts and dedication. We should feel very proud of this achievement and our thanks must go to Mr Wedger.

2020-0055310 – Charles Soyka – Signed




20th March 2020

Dear Parents/Carers,

You will be aware from the government’s announcement yesterday that schools will be required to close from the end of the day on Friday 20th March. However, the government also indicated that provision needs to be planned for key workers, vulnerable pupils and pupils with education and health care plans.

So that we can ensure provision is planned and managed effectively please could you complete the attached form and return it to admin@parkside.herts.sch.uk by FRIDAY 20TH MARCH BY 3:00PM at the latest.

Thank you in advance for your support during this unprecedented time.

Yours faithfully

C D Soyka




Parent / Carer Response Form


Your Name


Child’s name


Age and class/year


Will your child be attending school next week because you are a key worker or they have an EHCP? Yes/ No


If yes, please complete the following:


Do one or two parents/carers work in front line roles e.g.


·      NHS staff

·      Education staff (Teacher / support staff)

·      Delivery Driver

·      Social care

·      Other [please state]


Or does your child have an EHCP?



Will you want your child to have a meal whilst at school? Y/N
Are you entitled to Free School Meals? Y/N
Do you require breakfast club and after school provision?


Do you require additional provision during the Easter holidays?




































Letter regarding PE Kits


21st January 2020

Dear Parents/Carers,

It has come to my attention that many children are not wearing the correct kit for the PE lessons. It is very important that all children wear the correct kit for their lessons; it creates a sense of belonging and sets the right standards. Teachers will be making spot checks over the next two weeks to not only ensure that everyone wears the correct kit but that children bring their kit to school on the correct day.

Please click the link for further details about PE kits. If you need any help from the school regarding kit please come and speak to me directly.


C Soyka



Family Learning Conference

9th October 2019


Dear Parents / Carers,

This year we are trying a new approach to parent/carer consultations. At your consultation next week we want your child to be present for the meeting. It is an opportunity for them to share with you, in the presence of their teacher, how they feel about their learning. This importance of speaking confidently is a key learning skill which we want all of our children to develop.

Your child will guide you through the first part of the meeting and will explain not only how, but why they are making progress in three key areas of their learning. They will then talk to you about three important areas where they feel they need to improve.

You will also have a chance to ask questions about your child’s progress from their class teacher once they have finished guiding you through their learning journey to date.

All parents/carers will receive a copy of their child’s paperwork prior to next week’s meeting so that you can talk to them before the appointment. It is vitally important that you attend the meeting with your child.

It is our intention that as a school we work closely with you for the best of your child. By offering you and your child an opportunity of meeting together with their class teacher we continue to strengthen the bond between the school the family and most importantly your child.


Yours sincerely

Charles Soyka



4th October 2019

Dear Parents/Carers,

We are very pleased to announce that our Year 6 children have been selected to take part in this year’s Children in Need event at Elstree studios on Friday 15th November. They will form part of a large school’s choir and will sing a well know pop tune at some point during the night.

To take part in such an instutional event of this magnititude is opportunity which is only offered once in lifetime. We are all very excited at the prospect of our school being represented on the show. It will help to raise our profile not only in the local community but throughout the country. The learning and life skills the children will be exposed to will live long in their memories and when you hear the song you will be no doubt be very moved. This is all I can say at this moment!

The children will be prepared for the event by Mrs Nadine Lee who has worked in the school previously. She will once again take up the reigns along with her sister to make sure the children are ready to deliver an outstanding performance on the night.

You will find attached to this letter a suite of documents which gives you all the information you will need should you wish for your child to participate. Whilst I understand that you are all making final preparations for the Year 6 residential trip next week, the producer of the show has asked me to make sure that the forms be returned to school by:


The BBC have told me they cannot accept any late replies and they are adamant on this. All slips will be collected by the producer themselves from school on Monday 7th October which is why they must be retuned on this date.

Please read all of the information very clearly before returning the paperwork. Let’s make this an opportunity to remember for the children and to bring their learning to life in a way which they will never forget.

Yours sincerely

Charles Soyka


Absence During Term Time



2nd July 2019

Dear Parents / Carers,

It has been brought to my attention that there a number of families who have booked holidays during the remainder of the summer term. The law around attendance makes it very clear; parents / carers may be issued with a fine if a pupil has more than 15 half days absence in the current or previous term. The school will issue warning letters to parents and carers of children if more than 15 half days absences are recorded or they are approaching this number in the current or previous term and a fine letter will then be issued should the number of absences rise.

I will not be in a position to authorise any absences.

The school has worked incredibly hard since its last Ofsted inspection to address the issue of attendance and there are many of you who bring your child to school every day. There have only been a handful of weeks where the attendance figures have hit national averages despite different initiatives being introduced to tackle this issue. We must continue to work hard and ensure that children attend school every day to maximise their full learning potential.

Further information regarding the fining process can be found by clicking on the link below.



Yours sincerely


Charles Soyka



Summer Fair – Letter to Parents/Carers




24th June 2019


Dear Parents / Carers,


I wanted to write to you all today and thank you for your support at Saturday’s Summer Fair. It is my understanding that an event of this nature has not happened at the school in a very long time.


It was also heartening, to see so many of our stakeholders coming together as community to enjoy each other’s company. Many members of staff and the governing board were on hand to support the festivities too; they welcomed you at the gate, served you a tea or coffee or ran a stall. It was fantastic to see so many of you contributing to the success of the day. We were also blessed with good weather and you didn’t let us down.


To raise just over £2000 was a great effort and testament to the spirit we are building at Parkside Community Primary School. It is a privilege to be the headteacher of such a wonderful school. Thank you so much to everyone who made Saturday such a success.


Yours faithfully

Charles Soyka




Measles Letter

Please click on the link for further information regarding a recent outbreak of measles across the county.

Measles Letter

Mission Statement – Letter to Parents / Carers


4th March 2019



Dear Parents and Carers,


We have completed the work on creating our new school mission statement. It will be central to the future development of the school and build on the excellent work of the past sixty years.


One of the core purposes of education is to nurture and develop a love of learning and to create within each child an understanding and appreciation of these beliefs. Many of the findings from the recent questionnaire expressed the importance of these two key factors  which have been reflected in the new vision.


Parents are given the responsibility as their child’s first educators to foster and nurture within them a well-rounded personal social education. As a school, our role is to support this understanding through the creation and delivery of a broad curriculum. By creating opportunities which engage and challenge children, their potential begins to be realised.


Once these fundamental principles become deep rooted they learn to flourish. They are ready to use their talents, demonstrate resilience and maturity, and discover the world from a new perspective.


As a school we a committed to providing an education in which children feel confident about their work and enjoy belonging to a community which encourages independence and respect. The vision for the future of our school clearly shows that the children are at the heart of everything that we do at Parkside. We are ensuring that the community that was built on respect and achievement continues to be shaped through enjoyment, growth and belief.


It has been a long and rewarding journey which created a rich stream of ideas and comment. Thank you to everyone who completed a questionnaire and contributed to the process.


Yours faithfully,

C D Soyka






At Parkside Community Primary School, we are committed to providing our children with a school where they feel happy, confident, safe, proud of their achievements and develop a lifelong love of learning. They will be part of a school community which nurtures them and cares for their needs.


We want our children to be independent, inquisitive and equipped with the tools they will need to take their place in an ever-changing world.


Professional, approachable and caring staff will always be ready to listen and support them. All children will be encouraged to excel to the best of their ability helped by high-quality teaching.


Our school will is a place where parents, carers and members of the local community will always be welcomed and listened to.


At Parkside Community Primary School, we pursue excellence, celebrate success and respect everyone.



World Book Day – Thursday 7th March 2019


4th March 2019




Dear Parents and Carers,


It is World Book Day on Thursday 7th March.  We will be dressing up to mark the occasion, and this year, we are asking everybody to dress up as book character of their choice.  We hope that this provides you with lots of room for you and your children to be as creative as possible!


The theme for World Book Day this year is ‘Sharing Stories’ so we would like to invite all parents in to read some stories to small groups of children from 9:00 – 9:15am.  These stories will be taken from our class libraries.  Please wait outside your child’s class before being invited in to read with the children.


We will also be handing out to each child their very own £1 World Book Day token, which can be used to purchase any of the 12 £1 World Book Day texts, or to be used as part payment for another text of your child’s choice. I have included for you the 12 World Book Day texts for your information below:




As always, we would like to thank you for your ongoing support for us at Parkside School.


Yours sincerely


Miss Wood