Yesterday, 10 children from Year 6 took part in a faith and diversity event held at Arsenal’s training ground in London Colney. Below are Leo’s and Callum reflection of their afternoon.

When we arrived we played 5 games against the other schools. Each school needed to field a minimum of three girls in the starting team. We ended up winning four and drawing one. After we had played our matches, the schools split up and every three minutes we went to different groups and learnt about different religions, such as Buddhism, Christian, Hinduism and Judaism. After each activity we would run to the end and back. It was a very enjoyable afternoon and we all had lots of fun!  Leo (6 Oak)

When we arrived the Coaches all spoke to us about the purpose of the day and how Arsenal football club got involved with this project. We then had a series of 5 matches, winning four and drawing one. We were all very proud of our achievements on the pitch. After the games we then listened to presentations involving different religions and how they are celebrated. It was interesting to listen to different perspectives and how we as society should be more appreciative of different beliefs. Callum (6 Oak)  

Many thanks to Mr Honour and Mrs Knowles for accompany the children, and to Arsenal for arranging such a exciting event for our children to take part in.

Mr L Wanless