Acceptable Use of Social Media


10th September 2018

Dear Parents/Carers,


When Social Media applications are used to connect families, friends and communities together they are an excellent way of sharing and promoting good causes and important information. When they are used in a way to promote negativity they damage the hard work and trust of many people.


Sharing problems on Social Media platforms about the school not only undermines the good work of the staff, it also upsets the children and damages the reputation of the school.


When your child starts at Parkside Primary School every parent signs a Home School Agreement. This agreement explains, how, as a community we will support your child during their time at school. I would like to draw your attention to the following statement:


Parents – I / We will: Not use gossip, social media, mobile phones, or networking sites to cause grievance to pupils, other parents, Governors or members of staff


It is everyone’s responsibility to make sure that we protect the reputation of the school and to build its presence in the local community as a beacon of excellence.


If your child is experiencing difficulties at school please make sure that you speak to their class teacher in the first instance. Often these conversations help to alleviate a lot of worries and concerns. If you still feel that you would like to talk things through further I am always available to meet with you.


I would ask for your continued support in all that we do for the good of the children, the parents, the staff and governors.


Yours faithfully


C D Soyka